Thursday, May 21, 2009

$10 at Albertsons

Yeah!  I haven't done any Albertsons shopping in some time and have really been itching to use some double coupons again.  I saved $40 here and spent $10 out of pocket.  The best part is we NEEDED everything I got.  We were on our last bottle of salad dressing and my daughter was in need of juice, bread, crackers and our coffee cream was almost out, ahhh!  

Okay, the Kashi meal was free with a coupon, thats why I got it!  A fun lunch treat to reward myself after all my bargain hunting!

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The Keevy Family said...

Great Deals Erin! I got much of the same and I just get so excited to see those double coupons! :) I did my Kashi meal a few weeks back. I didn't see the one you got, but I was happy with mine. It was a whole wheat pasta with white beans, spinach and a red sauce. It was so good that I recreated it as a dinner at home with Chicken. I thought of you as I was making it. It seemed to me that it would be a good veg. meal without the chicken, it really didn't need the meat.