Monday, September 29, 2008

Albertsons Bonus deals

There was a bonus ad in the Sunday paper and I almost tossed it aside!  In the 10 for $10 (buy 10 get $3 back) deal there were a couple of new items.  

Reeses PB chips
Balance Bars
Zone Perfect Bars (use $1/1 coupon from recent insert = .30 profit)
Atkins Bars (use $1/1 coupon from recent insert for = .30 profit)
Softsoap Liquid handsoap (stack Target .50 coupon w/ .35 manu= .15 profit)

These can be purchased with the current 10 for $10 items for the $3 back.

well, babys awake, so thats all I have for now!!

Albertsons Ad Oct 1-7

Okay, you asked, so here it is.  I couldnt bare to NOT share this with anyone who wishes to see it.  I hope this makes me your Albertsons Goddess!!  (only kidding, or am I?)

This ad is courtsey of HotCouponWorld, a wonderful forum and wealth of information.  I can start posting this every week as soon as it is available.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

menu Plan Monday

Brown Rice
Steamed carrots (to share with baby)

Leftover Mexican from Sunday eating out (really yummy and spicy chiliques)
serve w/ mondays brown rice  or... frozen burritos and freeze and save the rice for later in the week.  hmmm

Vegan Lasagna (although I wont follow the recipe!!)  I'll use my own 'ricotta'
homemade(?) bread

Leftover chili (from freezer)
On Baked potatoes
steamed broccoli

Pizza night
veggie tray

Chinese(box Wachai Ferry Sweet and Sour on sale after coupon.  Instead of chicken will make with tofu and broccoli)
More brown rice

A special meal or something from the week I hadn't yet prepared!

Print your Cheerios Coupons!

Start gathering your Cheerios coupons!!  They will be 1.50 next week (when you buy 10 of certain advertised products, ect).

Print this for the Fruity Cheerios.

And this for Regular Cheerios.

And if you havent joined the Cheerios Challange I advise you to do so now!!  They will mail you a coupon for 1 free box plus email you some $1 off coupons.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Del Monte Freebie.

DelMonte is giving away 2 free coupons by mail to the first 50,000 that sign up.  Go HERE quickly.  On the site is also a $1/1 printable for the Fruit Cup snacks.  

Small print says if you are not one of the first 50K you will be directed to a .50/1 tomato coupon.  Looks like I got the freebie then!


Free Bertolli pasta sauce here.

Free Rednecks for Obama bumper sticker.

Free Campbells Select Harvest soup (coupon) you must Text TLC to 467467.

Crest Toothpaste is giving away a free sample through Walmart.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Show and tell Saturday. How I made $ at Albies.

I really made out at Albertsons this week.  Due to the Glade overage deal I was able to make a lot of profit at the store.  I almost feel bad.   But I guess I have no reason to.  I am just a savy shopper and have no reason to fret.  I did my shopping in 5 different transactions and 2 different stores and did not deplete anyones supply of anything.  So I can feel good about that.

These pictures reflect my 5 transactions.  Original full price on the 3 cases of TP alone is $38.76!!!  I am just shocked that toilet paper is that expensive and someone might actually pay that price for it!!  I ended up paying just over $15 for it, or $5 a case. 

My total out of pocket was 34.78.  I have $19 in catalinas to use still making my total 15.78.  If I decide to take back and exchange my 4 Cheese Nips (after discovering that the Reduced Fat are not included in the $4 back deal but Regular are) my total would be 11.78.  FOR ALL OF THIS!!

So, basically, I paid $5 per case for 3 cases of TP and the rest was free.

What did I save? 189.49
I think I am getting a hang on this Grocery Game thing.

I just may go back for more!
(total value 205.27 for 15.78)

Oh, and check out this link for the details on how you can get free groceries at Albies.  And, hey, I post the best steals at Albertsons every week (on wednesdays) so come back if you want to try it yourself next week!

its 8am, what have you done today?

It is amazing how much you have to do as a mother.

In my 'past life' by 8am I would have gotten up, showered, ate cereal and gone to work.  Thats it.

Now with a baby things are so different.  We got to sleep in today which is so wonderful, I feel so great.  My husband is taking a test in a class today for work so he gets to sleep in, which means the alarm didnt go off to wake up baby and we slept in till 6.45!!

Heres my day so far;
6:45 wake up
6:46 nurse baby then watch her wake up daddy
7:02 drive to neighbors farm to see if they have any eggs out for sale.
7:05 no eggs, so I go home
7:20 throw diapers in the dryer
7:22 cut up a muffin from fridge, pour juice and bring to bedroom where husband is studying
7:24 get teething biscuit for baby so she can eat too
7:31 fold laundry while baby unfolds it
7:40 decide maybe eggs were just put out late this morning so get back in car and drive down to farm again.  Surprise!! no luck.
7:50 go to kitchen with baby, feed her banana and bread in high chair
7:51 make myself toast and try to eat it as baby decides she doesnt want to eat her breakfast
7:59 open up laptop as I want reflect upon my morning
8:00 baby fusses, must get down, we go read a book
8:09 baby is happy and plays by herself while mommy gets to write.

Oh, how life has changed!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cheap Beans!

Cheap(er) Beans!!

What is cheaper than beans?  Not much, especially when you buy dry and hydrate them yourself.  This is something I like to do ahead of time and keep in 'can size' baggies in my freezer.

I can usually find a 1lb bag of beans for around a dollar.  Once measured out it equals about 5 cans worth.  Cheaper, lower in sodium and they just taste better.  At about .20 per 'can', I think it is worth the easy steps!!

Take a 1 lb bag of beans (any type), throw in very large stockpot.  Fill with water, at least a couple of inches above beans.  Soak overnight. In the morning pour the beans in colander and rinse well.  Put beans back in stockpot and fill almost to top with water.  Add as much salt as you like (I usually add a couple teaspoons), bring to a boil, put lid on and turn off burner.  Let sit a good few hours or even all day.  Make sure to check tenderness of beans after a while, if really tough still you may need to bring to a boil again for a bit then let sit.

I prefer this method as I dont have to worry about any burning or overcooking and can leave it while I go out.  Plus it doesnt waste the energy that simmering for hours does.

Once beans are tender, usually by afternoon, I drain then put in baggies in overflowing one cup amounts.  I freeze these then keep in a gallon size ziplock bag, be sure to label them!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Albertsons week of Sept 23-30

I think Im in love with Albertsons!!

Some more great deals this week, check it out!

10 for $10 (buy 10 get $3 back, or .70 each!!)
Zatarains Rice Mixes (not all) Use .75/2 coup from recent inserts
Hersheys Chocolate baking chips
Daisy Sour cream 8oz (use .40 coupon from insert)
Duncan Heins Cake mix

5 for $10 (buy 5 get $3 back or $1.40 each)
Kens Lite Accent salad dressing sprays (use $2/1 from insert)
Super Pretzel
Sara Lee Soft smooth bread
Glad Cling wrap
Ronzoni Bistro entrees (use $1 coupon here)
Duncan Heins Frosting

4 for $10 get free OJ
Yoplait Yo+ yogurt
Fiber One Yogurt
Yoplait multi Pack Yogurt
GoGurt of Kids Drinkable
Pillsbury Ready to bake cookies
Pillsbury Perfect portions, flakey cinnamon twists or big and flakey cresent rolls
Pillsbury Grands Cinnamon rolls, pizza crust, bread sticks , french loaf or pie crusts (here is $1 off Pizza crust)
(get your other Pillsbury coupons Here!!)

Catalina Deals
Okay these are new to me, I have just done this 2 times already this week but it seems to work. (Catalinas print out at the register and are actual 'manufactures coupons' to use at your next visit, or after you take everything to the car!!  Basically they are 'money' to use for future groceries.  These differ from Walgreens catalinas where they do 'roll'.  If you were to use them again on the same product you would get new catalinas each time!!)

Buy 6 Poweraid Zero and get $4 catalina to use on your next shopping trip. 
(Poweraid zero is .69 at my store making the total 4.14 for 6- $4 catalina= .14 for 6!!)

Glade Gel PlugIns (the ones normally 1.99)  For each one, get $2 catalina.  Use a BOGO coupon or $1 off Peelie on product for Profit!!

Spend $20 on Kimberly Clark products get a $5 catalina.  
I bought 3 Mega Roll packs (12 rolls each) at 7.99 (normally 12.89) a piece= 23.97, I used printable coupons and ones from recent insert- 3 $1/1 coups, subtract the $5 catalina = 15.97 for 36 mega rolls!!

This is 38.67 worth of TP for just over $15!!

Happy, Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Commissary Deals Pac NW

Muir Glen Tomatoes 32 oz can $1 (use $1/1 coupon for free tomatoes)
Juicy Juice Apple 2.30- $1 recent paper insert= 1.30
Juicy Juice Harvest Surprise $2.68 -$1 recent paper = 1.68
Ortega Black Bean salsa $1 - .75/2 recent insert= .63 each
Malt O Meal Cereals some at $1.69 -$1/any1= .69
Barilla Whole Grain pasta marked down to .89

These were the best deals I found today!  

Monday, September 22, 2008

Baby Freebie!

These free Diaper Genie II decals are so cute I could hardly make up my mind on what one to order!  I bet they will stick to my cloth diaper pail too!

I can barely wait the 4-6 weeks it will take to get them!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Boca Burgers w/ tomatoes from garden
Oven Fries
Carrots from garden

Romano Grill Alfredo in box (1.50 after coupons)
Steamed broccoli
Whole Grain Bread

Indian (veg curry thing I make)  (family fav!)
Brown Rice
Our Favorite Spicy Potatoes
Assorted Chutneys

Chili  (family fav!)
Bread Machine Corn Bread (I'll go heavier on the cornmeal this time!)

Pizza night
Veg tray as usual

Pasta Bake  (family fav)
Steamed Peas

Leftovers, a meal I didnt make yet or something from the freezer

Super Sunday!

Super Samples;
Ohh, I got some good samples this week.  I cannot wait to use the tapas skewers.  Guess I'll have to look up some veggie kabob recipes!

Super Savings;
My savings this week were spectacular!!  It helped that I bought a ton of groceries last week and only went to Albertsons for the sales, twice!  

I saved my family 103.99!!!  
I did only spend $4.70.  Certainly one of my better weeks!  Heres the picture of my first trip.

How did you do this week?

hurry, sign up for Zoom Panel now!!

Zoom Panel is an awesome site that pays you for surveys and your opinion.  I have belonged to them for some time and on occasion will do an easy survey for points toward money or a prize ( I get to choose).  I just got an email stating that Zoom Panel is now accepting new 'applicants' and is even offering freebies to sign up!  Wow, I would sign up now if I didn't already belong!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Yummy Homemade Tortillas

So I thought I would make tortillas.  I figured they couldn't be that hard, and I was right.  They were pretty quick to make, especially with a little one at your feet!

I used a simple low fat recipe that seemed easy and foolproof.  Of course I had to throw in a little whole wheat flour, maybe about 25%, but I dont think it made them any different.  My daughter and I loved snacking on them while they cooked.  Yum!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Albertsons week of Sept 17-23

Some deals to be had at Albertsons this week. Especially if you have RRs to use up!!

Green Grapes .98 lb
Russet Potatoes 3.99 for 10lb bag
Fresh Peaches 1.88 lb

20 for $10
Campbells Pasta
Campbells Cream of chicken or Mushroom
Campbells Chicken Noodle or Tomato (use recent .40 off 4 coup)
Campbells Spaghetto Os (use recent .40 off 2 coup)
Swanson Broth

10 for $10
Campbells Select Harvest soup (can or bowl)( use recent .50 coup)
Campbells Condensed soups
Campbells Spaghetti Os w/ meat
Muir Glen Organic tomatoes (Use $1 coup Here , and you will have to register if you havent before, and the site is a little goofy, but on the bottom of the page you will see 'coupons' once youre 'in')
Kraft Easy Mac (use $1/2 Here)

So, I found out that Albertsons will take Walgreens Register Rewards. I had a $10 Reward from last weeks Robotussin deal. My cashier had to get the managers approval, but she had seen these before and was happy to do it. I really love my Albertsons.

So, after the $10 Reward (if you read the top of them they actually say 'manufactures coupon') and all my coupons the total came out to $1.72. What a fun trip!

$1.72!!! I just cannot believe it!

Monday, September 15, 2008

My sweet teething baby.

My sweet little angel is working on her top 2 teeth right now. When the bottom teeth came in I remember it being a very rough month. She didn't sleep well, was fussy, drooly and really needed me more than normal. The past week has been the exact same.

As I don't believe in putting drugs in her tiny natural body, I discovered many other safe options. Natural teethers have been wonderful to us. She has some wood ones from Haba and some organic cotton ones from Under the Nile. I have also tried the wet washcloth in the freezer trick, but she never seemed to like that one, too cold I guess.
Another route I went was assistance from my Naturopath in obtaining some homeopathic remedies. Chamomile and Calcarea Phosphorica (whatever plant that is!) have been life savers. Here is a small kit, similar to the one I have, that contains the camomile for teething. I love my Homeopathic Kit and use it all the time for the whole family.

I also found a numbing remedy using clove oil that is very simple to make (and smells really great!) I have found that I increase the clove oil a tiny when I use it, maybe 2-3 drops, but be sure to test it on yourself first (the gum area) so it doesn't sting her!

Clove Oil Remedy
1 drop clove oil
1 Tbs carrier oil (I used olive oil)

Mix well, keep in glass container and rub on babys gums as needed.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Healthy Menu Plan!

This week will be back to my normal healthy eating.  We have had company in town over the weekend so my menu plan goes out the window.  So, there are a few items I did not get to make and will add into this weeks plan.  Ohh, and some leftovers from this weekends meals as well!

Chik'n Parm (leftover)
Easy roasted veggies

Orzo (leftover)
garden salad
Some kind of good bread

Frozen Burritos
Leftover queso(from the freezer)
chips, corn and garden tomatoes

Fresh Bread

Pizza night 
veggie tray

Mashed potatoes
steamed veggies

Rice and tortillas


Let stock up on those freebies!

Free mini Magic Eraser when you share your story.

A sample of Kotex pantiliners from Costco.

Free sample of Organic Baby Formula, number to call here.

Try Calvin Kleins new Secret Obsession parfume.

A free Emergency Radio for power outages!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Super Sunday!

Super Samples;
Well, I guess I have been quite choosy in signing up for free samples!  All I got this week was a Shake mixer and a sample of the chocolate soy drink mix.  It really was a great sample for me because I love their products and actually purchase them on a rare but steady basis.  They are really good with a banana blended in.  Yum!!

Super Savings;
My savings this week were certainly very super.  I was a shopping maniac and hit a few different stores.  I actually saved my family $153.32 this week and boy are we stocked up on breakfast foods!  (scroll down to see what I spent my $46 out of pocket on!)

How did you do this week?

Friday, September 12, 2008

$46 total this week!!

My big trip for the week. I do love the Commissary. Plus they usually take all of my coupons and aren't 'weird' about it if you know what I mean. My total after the $10 Kellogs rebate will be 38.72. Check out my Commissary Postings to get the best deals! I will be updating these every week now!
My Walgreens buys. About $5 profit after rebates. What tastes better than free chocolate??

Heres what I got at Office Max for .16 cents!! That was just their regular advertised sale prices, no coupon needed. One penny for each item! (and I bought a printer cartridge, I wont even mention how expensive that was!! hint; it was more than my weekly spendings!)

Adding these to my Albertsons trips, my total for the week is $46. This should keep me within my newly reduced monthly budget of $200. (Reduced as our mortgage will be higher on the new house and we haven't sold our first house yet)

For more great savings stories check out BeCentsAble,  The Centsible Sawyer and Money Saving Mom!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Commissary Deals Pac NW

Oh some really great deals to be found at the commissary right now.  Here are the best "steals";

Kraft Easy Mac Cups .60 - $1/2 coupon here = .10 each!

Betty Crocker Roasted Garlic mashed potatoes pouches .60 - $1/2 here = .10 each!!

Romano Macaroni Grill box dinners are 2.50, use last weeks insert for $1/1 or coup here = $1.50

Kraft Mac& Cheese (some boxes) reduced to .59 (great if you have any B3G1 kraft left)

Scotch Brite single scouring pads are .46 each, use coupon for .50/1 from 'Price Shopper Family August 2008' found at Commissary for a total of .04 profit!!

Check out the revamped grocery gathering at BeCentsAble for your local sales!

Albertsons week of Sept 9-16

Its oatmeal week at Albertsons!!  Heres what I did;

Quaker Oatmeal products 10 for $20 w/ $5 back @ register = 1.50 each
Use $1/1 coupons for High Fiber oatmeal in 9/7 insert= .50 each
Use .50/1 coupon (9/7 insert) for Oats in huge 42 oz tub = $1 each
Use $1/1 printable** for oatmeal boxes for a deal at = .50 each!
    ***please note this coupon only seems to work in Internet Explorer, BUT you can print a lot!!
Use any $1/1 Harvest granola bar coupons you may still have= .50 each

Also, I did the Electrosol deal using the coupon in the Albertsons insert.  Match it up with $2.25 off coupons from 9/7 Smartsource (I believe) and get 3 bottles of detergent for .09 each!!   Woo Hoo!  I only had 2 coupons so I had to use one measley .50 one from the Electrol Site. Still a great deal!!
Well, I did 2 transactions.  I actually came home and printed out more coupons so I could make another trip just for the oatmeal!!!  My family really likes oatmeal.  I spent just over $13 for all of this.  Not bad at all for ;

17 boxes oatmeal
2 42oz tubs oats
3 bottles Electrosol
1 box granola bars

Good luck and Happy Shopping!