Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Free kleenex for life

As I am not a fan of using disposable items I try to find new ways to incorporate environmentally friendly substitutions in our lives every day.  

I have a few cute embroidered handkerchiefs that I use for myself, but I wanted something for the whole family.  I would need a lot if it would replace a box of tissue during cold seasons.  Purchasing 20 handkerchiefs was out of the question, and I only wanted more 'one use' items anyway.
I soon realized that if I cut up some of my husbands old white tee shirts (from of my sewing scrap bin) I could duplicate the 'kleenex box' idea.  Cotton tee shirts are from fabric woven very tightly and will not come unraveled so don't need any sewing to keep them together, simple cut to shape!!

Thrilled in my discovery, I knew the real test was my husband who had just been hit hard by a cold.  I showed him the stack and he was happy to try anything.  He was instantly in love with the softness and sturdiness of these.  Now he won't touch the crummy disposable tissues!  Tossing them into a laundry basket instead of the garbage seemed to create no extra hassle for any of us.

We keep them in our kitchen towel/rag drawer for ease!  I'll never go back to paper!

(I know its been forever since my last blog post, sorry Grandmas!!,  I'll try to get a few more in during the weeks  :-) in the mean time check out my Etsy site and see where all my 'spare' time is going!!)

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The Keevy Family said...

Good Job! We are starting to try and make little changes too. On earth day the kids and I made napkins out of some colorful fabric I had in my sewing cabinet. They love to use them for meals and I am happy to not buy napkins as often as I purchase milk!!! My son especially is very picky and has to have a napkin every time he eats. Now they also enjoy helping me set the table because they get to pick out their color of napkin.
Thanks for the idea!