Saturday, May 31, 2008

Super Sample Sunday!

I sure got a few this week! 

Good Housekeeping magazine- my first issue 
BabyTalk magazine- really cute as always
NatureMade triple flex supplements- good for a healthy body
Ban Deodorant- Sweet Surrender smells quite yummy!
Emergen C 2 packets in pink lemonade- I really like Emergen C
Colgate-oh, boy.  I guess you can never have enough toothpaste!
Alaway allergy eye drops- sometimes I get itchy eyes in the spring, I haven't yet!!
The Great Sunflower Project seeds- can't wait to plant 'em!

My favorite?  The seeds.  I love to garden, I love flowers, and its cool to know I will be doing a part to help the bee population success and documenting as well as reporting my sightings.

What freebies and samples did you get this week?

Friday, May 30, 2008

My good deals for the week

My first stop this week was Walgreens.  I did pretty well, although a bit disappointed I could not get our black ink cartridge re-filled.  We have a brand new HP printer, just got it this year, and the staff told me it was un-fillable.  I was really bummed out, but am over it now.  Oh, well.  I guess you cant win them all!  Otherwise, I did pretty well.  After all said and done I spent about $4.  Not bad keeping in mind the half case of printer paper was originally $12 (I got it for 2.59 after sale and rebate!)

Next is my Target shopping.  I only took a picture of my freebies as I was a little sad not to find all the great free items I have read about on everyones blogs.  I was able to get a few as well as redeem some of my 'free' coupons for the cat food and baby food, here they are.

I also hit up the commissary on Wednesday and got $83 dollars worth of food.  I was able to really stock up on some things as my daughter was in a fantastic mood and allowed me to really focus as well as spend lots of time shopping and matching coupons.  Thank you Sydney!

Interested in more inspirational buys this week? Check out Drugstore Divas at The Cent'sable Sawyer!

Frugal Friday.

Stop wasting money on paper towels.  

With lots of company and family over I have realized that we have been going through paper towels like water these past few weeks.  Okay, not really that bad, but much faster than normal.  Generally a roll of paper towels will last 3-4 months at my house.  We really only use them when necessary; really yucky messes (ie; cat puke).  I have a drawer in my kitchen dedicated to cloth towels, napkins and rags.  We use these for everything you would generally use a paper towel for.  I keep a  small basket in the pantry (under the sink would work as well) to toss the dirty cloth towels and napkins in so clean up is as effortless as disposable.  We also have a cute napkin holder on the dining room table that is always full of clean cloth napkins.

I know some of you may be able to get your paper towels for super cheap, but here on the west coast I have rarely seen them under a dollar and that can really add up.  Even if they are free, what are we doing to the environment?  Sure they biodegrade, but they still sit in a landfill for some time and the chemicals and bleach used to make them are quite hazardous.  And why must we be so wasteful?

Lets save some money (and the planet) and invest in a bunch of cloth options, keep them in a napkin holder or a basket on your kitchen counter or dedicate a drawer within everyones reach.  If they are easy to grab nobody will mind.

I am going to put away my paper towel holder for good, find another option for the cat puke (tp?) and live solely without those wasteful paper towels.  Do you think you can do it?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Get the cheapest gas...

Okay, my father-in-law just emailed this to me and its really neat.  It is a listing of gas prices at stations in your area.  Just type in your zip code.  Thanks Joe!

Tofu 101

Today I will share a simple tofu-stirfry the whole family should enjoy.  This is a very budget friendly way to make stirfry using items you should have on hand and about .50 cents worth of tofu.

Easy Stir Fry with Tofu

1/2 block water packed extra firm tofu
marinade; any will do for chicken, beef or teriyaki
soy sauce
oil, canola or vegetable and sesame if you have it
stiry fry sauce 
seasonings; garlic, ginger, sesame seeds, pepper, onion
assorted vegetables, enough to fill your largest pan or wok
steamed rice

Take 1/2 block of firm or extra firm tofu and dice into small blocks, maybe a half of an inch big. (smaller pieces are better received by non-tofu lovers)  Toss into a bowl and cover in marinade and  2 Tbs soy sauce.  Let sit as long as possible, one hour or even over night.

Make your standard stir fry; toss cut veggies in hot wok with garlic, add stir fry sauce and seasonings as desired.

Next, heat 1-2 Tbs canola oil (add 1tsp of sesame oil optional) in a pan on med-high, toss in tofu and let sizzle.  Turn and cook about 4-5 minutes total.  

Add the cooked tofu to the veggies and serve over rice.

I hope you enjoy this!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Gas and shopping

I have decided I really need to start figuring in the cost of my trip during my 'freebie' shopping.  This week I went to Walgreens to get a few of the great deals they have to offer.  I zeroed out my odometer before I left and discovered my trip took about 30 miles total.  Yikes.  Walgreens is the farthest I go to shop and is mostly highway there and back, thank goodness.
When I figure in my milage of about 26 mpg highway (18 city) and I use premium gas (darn european cars) at 4.37 a gallon (ahhhh!!!) it really adds up!

30 miles traveled divided by 26 = 1.15
1.15 x 4.37= 5.04 

So, my trip cost me 5.04.  Maybe I'll stick to Rite Aid from now on, it is about 10 miles round trip!

Its easy to figure your own;

miles traveled / average mpg= y
y x price of gas= total trip cost

To help cut down costs remember to combine your trips, carpool and don't speed!  

Albertsons week of May 28- June 3

Not looking so hot this week.  Maybe it'll be better next week, deals always seem good at the first of the month.  Do you think they plan that???  I think so!

Necarines .98lb  (the only item I would buy if I were going!)
Fresh mushrooms 1.99 package
Roma tomatoes 1.49lb
Red or Green lettuce 1.29 each
Cauliflower 1.29lb
Vidalia onions 1.29lb
5lb bag russet potatoes .99, use coupon on back of flyer (okay, I'd buy this too!)

10 for $10
Horizon 6oz organic yogurt
Thai Kitchen noodle bowls (they are super good!)
42oz Arizona tea
Idahoan mashed potatoes
Calidad tortilla chips 14oz
StarKist Chunk Light tuna pouch
Hunts Manwich sauce

Frozen Food
Dreyers gallon Ice Cream 2.88
Red Baron pizza 2.88
Albertsons veggies 16oz 1.29
Albertsons sherbet 64oz 2.50

Darigold yogurt 20 for $10
Land O Lakes butter 2 for $5
Tillamook cheese 2 for $5 (use newspaper .75 coupon here)
Buddig Deli Cuts lunch meat BOGO

Pantry Items
Tava 4 pack beverages 2 for $5 (look for $1 hangtag coupon)
Albertsons Chocolate syrup 2 for $3
Assorted Kellogs Cereals BOGO (says save up to 6.19 on 2, so this is probably not a good deal at all)
C&H powdered or Brown sugar $1
Barilla pasta 4 for $5
Java Delight or essensia premium coffee 10-12oz 4.99
Tullys coffee 2 for $12 

Keebler cookies or crackers; buy 3 get 1 free (or 1.75 each) 

Save $2 on Meat or Seafood if you buy 2 Rice or Pasta Roni (10 for $10) and 2 Del Monte canned vegetables (10 for $10)

Save $10 on your next shopping trip for every $50 you spend from 5/28- 6/24 on participating items.

Good luck and let me know if you see any great deals.

Hey, I have a small collection of those Wild Harvest $1 coupons and have not found any good items to purchase them with.  Has anyone found and Wild Harvest items for about a buck?  Let me know if you have spent yours and on what!  Thanks!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Walgreens' best deals

There are a few deals worth going for this week, also remember to get the last of your May free after rebate items this week.

Excedrin Migrane 1.99 - $2 coupon = .01 profit

Edge Shave gel 1.99 - $1 coup here and $1 coupon in rebate booklet= .01 profit  Nevermind!  I read it wrong in the flyer, it would be 1.99 after coupons, thats no deal at all!

Chex mix on sale for .99, use $1 coupon here = .01 profit

Use coupon in ad to get 50% off ink refill

Stayfree, Carefree or OB buy one get one 50%
use 2/2 coupon and rebate catalog coupon for $2 = about .50 each

Extra gum use newspaper BOGO coup and Rebate booklet BOGO= free

Corner Office brand paper (box of 4 reams, or 1600 sheets) some on clearance for 7.59, use $5 rebate= 2.59

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Super Sample Sunday!

Quality, not quantity this time.  I'll take it.  
Nature Made vitamins, perfect for when I am between orders on our multis.
Dove Deodorant sample, I love to keep them everywhere; the car, the diaper bag.
Yogi Tea, more samples???  Did they send anyone 2 sets?  They must know how much I love their tea and normally purchase the medicinal teas.  Thanks Yogi Tea!!
Aquafresh Toothpaste, although I am getting tired of this flavor(we are on like our 2nd drugstore freebie tube in a row, ahhhh!!!)
Weleda skin care lotion sample and coups, Weleda makes awesome really natural and holistic products, cant wait to try this one!

My favorite?  I'll have to go with the Yogi tea again.  Not only are the teas superb, but they send 3 of them free and a coupon. Yippee!!

What was your favorite freebie this week?

I sooo need to get caught up on these...

Free sample of Avedas Green Science serum. I love Aveda!

A sample from Stayfree.

For business owners, free DVRs from Office Depot.

Do you have 2 Lawrys products in your pantry?  Enter 2 UPC codes for a free recipe book.

Free Sunglass Hut giftcard on your birthday.  

Lubriderm w/ spf 15 sample here.

Free phone call from Ashton Kutcher.  (don't tell, Im going to use mine to prank my brother!)

By the cooks from Eating Well magazine, a free recipe booklet on California Olives. Yum.

Where have I been???

We have had family in town for the holiday and I have been sooooo busy.  Also more friends/fam visiting for the next few days!!  Having a baby sure makes you popular!
I am planing to do drugstore shopping next week as well as the Commissary.  And I think I have a really great frugal friday idea!!
More soon!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tofu 101

I love tofu.  I love it cooked, fried, sauteed, baked, in salads, as salads, blended, chopped and plain out of the box.  I know not everyone loves tofu as much as I do(what a shame!!) so I am going to share some of my simple recipes for traditional 'american' foods made with tofu.
Tofu is cheap and versatile.  Low in fat, high in protein and cholesterol free.  Keep tofu in the fridge, the pantry or even the freezer, if you get comfortable with tofu it can become just about anything.  My husband tried his first tofu with me and now loves many 
of the tofu dishes I create.

Today I will share Tofu Eggless Salad.  I whipped this up yesterday and threw it between bread for lunch.  
Tofu Eggless Salad

1 container of firm water packed tofu
some mayonnaise, to taste
a couple Tbs yellow mustard
dash of paprika
freshly ground black pepper

Drain water off of tofu, place in a bowl and crush up with a fork.  Add enough mayo to create the  consistency of your liking.  Add mustard, paprika and pepper, mix well.  Serve as you would any egg salad.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Albertsons week of May 21-27

Here are the best deals I see;

Fresh Sweet Corn .25 each (first 10 only)
Fresh Cherries 2.99lb
Green Bell peppers .99lb
Bag of Yellow onions 3lb for 1.49

Nabisco crackers 3 for $5
Old Orchard 100% juice 2 for $5
Cranergy Energy juice BOGO, use 2 $1 paper coups= 2 for 2.59
Bushs Grillin' Beans BOGO, use 2 $1 paper coups= 2 cans for .39
Tilamook Ice Cream 2 for $6

Wrigleys Gum 10 pack BOGO, use 2 $1 insert coups= 2 ten packs for .69
Edge Shave Gel 2 for $4, use $1 coup = $1 each

10 for $10
Pace salsa
Kraft Barbecue Sauce
Pepsi 2 liter
Lawrys Seasoned or Garlic salt
Hormel Chili

Buy $5 on meat including seafood, poultry or service deli meats and get 2 Pepperidge Farm Baked Naturals Crackers free (coupon in store)
Oscar Mayer Meat Wieners buy 1 get 2 free
(please see ad for additional meat deal, Im vegetarian so I dont know a good buy)

Let me know if you see any great deals!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Freebie time!

Free year of Metropolitan Home for a brief survey about your bedroom here.

Free can of Mighty Dog food.

Free hand-held fan for hot flashes from Premarin.

Organization at last

Okay, I have my coupons in order.  I have 2 coupon organizers now instead of just one.  The gray one is for grocery items and the red for drug store items.  That should make it easier on me and hopefully I can get away with only taking one at a time into the store.
I also still use my pink document folder with 3 files, one for rebates, one for receipts and a notepad to document each receipt on, and one for coupons I have not clipped yet.  I also keep recent store ads, a pen and calculator in the front of the pink folder as well.  This stays at home.

How do you keep your coupons, rebates and receipts organized?? I would love to see.  We all would love more ideas as well.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Free Country Home Magazine

Have we already signed up for this magazine elsewhere??  I cannot seem to remember, but I know I don't currently get it at my house.  Oh, well.  I hope I don't end up with 2 subscriptions!!  That would be silly!

Totally free, no strings attached (the only kind I will sign up for) HERE.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Super Sample Sunday!

Wow!!  I almost feel greedy at this point.  I only sign up for freebies I will actually use, so none of this will go to waste.  I keep a (reusable) shopping bag hanging inside my linen closet and stash my weeks samples in it each day so I can take a picture every saturday.  Sometimes it really adds up!!

What did I get?  Im glad you asked.
Vintage wine poster
Goodnights diaper
Home magazine
Childrens coloring book w/ coupons
Total raisin bran
Potty training video
Booklet of cranberry recipes
Icy Hot patch
Hamburger helper single
Starbucks coffee
Nina Ricci perfume 
Tide Detergent
Schick razor
Caulk single
Kotex pad (and $2 coup!!)
20 true lemon/lime/orange samples

My favorite...hmmmm..... the True Lemon samples, I have found those to be very tasty, especially when mixed with a little (liquid) stevia in my water bottle, a yummy 100% natural and calorie free treat.

What freebies and samples did you get this week?  

AHHHHHHH!!!  I JUST DELETED EVERYBODYS LINKS!  IM SOOOO SORRY.  I screwed up the link box html coding and threw my whole site out of whack.  If I can figure out how to put the links back I will, otherwise Im just glad I was able to fix my site.

My weeks deals at Albertsons

Using coupons and sales I spent 8.53 and saved $65.  Pretty good, but not my best work!  The toothpaste, silk, bbq sauce, and chocolate HBO was free, I did have to pay for one of the cereals though as I only had 3 coupons left.  Well, actually, the overage from the other cereals paid for it!!

I also did a big shopping trip at the commissary and spent $56.  I stocked up on cat food, soy milk, crackers and stuff to make my husband lunches as well as a bunch of produce.  I like to keep my budget under $250 per month, so all in all I am doing pretty well.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Hot deals at the Commissary!

Found some really great deals at my local Bangor Commissary!  Heres what I found;

Cucumbers .35 each

Some Fresh Express salad in bags 1.55

Big bags of regular spinach 1.39

5lb bags of yellow onions (medium-smallish) 1.50

Tomatoes on the vine 1.69lb (not real cheap, but they smelled sooo good)

Healthy Ones Lunchmeat 1.99 use recent 1.00 coupon from very recent paper= .99

Oscar Mayer Deli-Creations sandwich 2.00 use recent 1.00 coup= $1

Kikoman Pearl organic soymilk 1.14 minus .25 coupon on shelf= .89

Kashi crackers assorted 2.14- 2.00 internet coup= .14

Purina cat food 3.79- 4.00 net couo= .21 profit

Orville Redenbacher Natural popcorn 1.00- 1.00 paper coup= free

Old El Paso refried beans .60 minus net coup for .55= .05

Old El Paso Chipotle salsa 1.00, coupon on jar for 1.00/2= .50 each

Let me know if you've found any great deals!

Keep those freebies coming!!

Try Janel Andre Bodycare sample here.

Kenra Haircare samples.

Playtex Glide Tampons.

Sample Braggs Amino acids.

Neutrogena Acne Stress control scrub.

Print a coupon for a free taco from DelTaco.  (hint, pick the hottest answer!)

And finally, that really cute Lifes a Dog bumper sticker.

Hope these are freebies you have not seen on other sites!!

Frugal Friday, sort of.

Sometimes being frugal takes up a lot of time.  I have been to the grocery store 2 times this week to get great sales.  Luckily the drug stores didn't have anything I needed so that was 2 separate trips I didn't have to make.  I have also spent a fair amount of time clipping coupons, re-doing my coupon organizer( I will post more on that Monday) and sending in rebates as well as researching more great deals and signing up for freebies on-line. (by the way this weeks freebies were really awesome, I'll post pics on Sunday).  I have enjoyed planting my vegetable garden as well as a few annuals around the yard.  I now have some veggies sprouting and I know with a little fertilizer my annuals will fill in nicely. (I, of course, buy the cheapest annuals in 6 packs and spread them out, more bang for your buck)  All while taking care of my daughter, cooking all meals from scratch and maintaining the house.

This being said, I have to cut back somewhere.  That just happens to be my blogging and soap making.  Once I get things in order I imagine I will be able to make more time for my hobbies.  We all have to sacrifice somewhere and I would say it is sure worth my time to keep saving money!!

Happy Frugal Friday!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

True Lemon

I just got a great freebie from True Lemon in the mail today!!  A month or so ago I had posted on another site about True Lemon and how great the samples were and they rewarded me with a pack of 20-some packets.  What a neat company!!  I love to throw a packet in my water bottle for a natural guilt free treat.  Thanks True Lemon!!

If you haven't tried them yet, go here for a free sample and coupon. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Albertsons deals Week of May 14-20 Pac NW

Here are the best deals as I see it!!

Post 4 for $10 get $3 off (or 1.75 each)
Honey Bunches of Oats 'select varieties' (chocolate!!! make .25 profit using left over coups)
Waffle Crisp
Cocoa Pebbles
Fruity Pebbles
Honey Comb

5 for $15, get $5 back (or $2 each)
All detergents 32oz use $1 coupon
Wisk detergents 32 oz
Snuggle Fabric softners, liquid or sheets use .50 coupon
Breyers Ice Cream

2 for $4 (spend $15 get $5 back, or 1.67 each)
Skippy Peanut Butter
Bertolli Pasta sauces  use recent $1 off coupon 
Knorr Sides with Veggies
Lipton teas
Wishbone Dressings

Hunts canned pasta sauce 5 for $5 and get free pasta(american beauty, healthy harvest or smart taste; up to 1.67 value)

Tillamook Shredded cheese 8oz 2.99, use recent coupon for .75= 2.26

Aquafresh toothpaste or toothbrush $1 (free after $1 coupon)

Baby Rays Honey BBQ sauce 10 for $10 use recent $1 coupon and its free!

Pace Picante salsa $1

Kens salad dressings 2 for $4, use your $2 coup = free

Silk soymilk, pint (not refrigerated are 2 for $2, use 2.25 coup from silkoffers make .25 profit)

HotHouse tomatoes $1 per pound
Red, orange or yellow bell peppers $1 each
1lb bag albertsons peeled carrots $1

Please, please let me know if I missed anything this week, I didn't actually get my store ad in the mail today (for the first time ever!!) and these are from the on-line ad which is a lot harder to read!!  Hopefully I will get it in tomorrows mail and make any additions if needed.

Please note new additions in red.

And, don't forget to check out BeCentsAble for the best deals at all the stores you shop!

Caution; coupon disaster!!

Bag of coupons, receipts, rebates, files...
I got so disorganized over the past month and it really snowballed!!  I have a huge bag full of all my coupons and rebates.  I have been busy and have not clipped recently nor have I sent in my rebates in a few weeks!!  Yikes!
Everything laid out, ready to tackle!!
I want to see what everyone else uses for coupon organization, as well as what to do with those rebates and receipts!!  I will have everything back in ship-shape in the next few days(God willing) and will share my finished product then. 

In the meantime get your stuff in order! I would love to compare systems and get good ideas and hints from everyone, we can all help eachother!

Lets meet back, say, monday, and share our ideas and pictures of how we keep things in order!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Its a Freebie monday!

Free plant marker here.

Sample of Sabino Hair moisture block.

Free fiber samples and shaker cup from Konsyl.

Try Dunkin Donuts coffee here.

How about Celine Dions new fragrance Sensational?

A free sample of the new Old Spice Razor.

Caress Body Wash sample to try.

Hope you found something you can use!!

Hope everyone had a great mothers day!!