Tuesday, August 18, 2009

MUST READ; The Toilet Paper Test....

I was fortunate enough to receive a generous gift from the people at Charmin and Febreeze. I thought to myself, hmmm, toilet paper, whats the big deal? Everyone knows the 'expensive' brands are softer, thicker and nicer, prettier and so on.... so what more is there to know, I wondered.

After closely inspecting my new kit I tried the 'thickness' test and soon discovered that, yes, 7 sheets of Charmin are thicker than 28 sheets of 'generic'. This got me to thinking.... how much money are we really saving when we purchase the cheap stuff, even with sales and coupons???

If I spend $1 on a 4 pack of cheap TP (say, on sale but without coupons) that would be equal in absorbency to one roll of Charmin. (appx. as it takes about 4 squares of cheap TP to equal 1 Charmin)

It would take 4 packs of cheap TP to equal ONE pack of Charmin!!! Wow!

I was expecting to be impressed by the quality of Charmin, I was not expecting to discover on my own the mere frugality of it as well. I now think differently about my TP 'bargains'.

I also got to test out the new Febreeze decorative candle-free luminary and find that it is by far the most attractive fragrance product out there in that field. Quite lovely!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Free Listings on Ebay!

I have recently discovered selling some of our gently used items on Ebay. They have a new program now that allows you to post 5 items per month at NO CHARGE! Yippee! After your item sells, if it does, you will still be charged a small percentage to Ebay and to Paypal (of course. )

If it doesn't sell you are still out nothing!

Selling is SO easy, I just had no idea! You must register with Ebay, easy, have a PayPal account, done! and be able to load pictures to your computer, simple!

The free listing offers one picture and a starting bid price of .99 cents. I have sold a quality electronic item for over $100 using this method! Its awesome. I have also sold a large amount of clothing this way as well. Some things will be popular and go for more than you expect, some just may not sell, or sell for .99 cents.

I have been a little disappointed a couple times when an item sold for just a dollar, but felt better after I reminded myself that I:

1. cleared out my closet of something I don't wear
2. recycled
3. made a dollar!
4. made someone else's day!

Check it out HERE and start selling!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

good coffee + cheap price= caffeinated excitement!!!

Wow!  This week you can get bags of SBC (Seattles Best Coffee if your not a local) at Albertsons for ONE DOLLAR!

Check out All Together Beautiful for the rundown.

oh, and for those interested in my Home Made Toothpaste post, where to get ingredients WITHOUT shopping at 6 different stores,  I will add to it next week after a little bit of work!!  :-)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

$10 at Albertsons

Yeah!  I haven't done any Albertsons shopping in some time and have really been itching to use some double coupons again.  I saved $40 here and spent $10 out of pocket.  The best part is we NEEDED everything I got.  We were on our last bottle of salad dressing and my daughter was in need of juice, bread, crackers and our coffee cream was almost out, ahhh!  

Okay, the Kashi meal was free with a coupon, thats why I got it!  A fun lunch treat to reward myself after all my bargain hunting!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Free kleenex for life

As I am not a fan of using disposable items I try to find new ways to incorporate environmentally friendly substitutions in our lives every day.  

I have a few cute embroidered handkerchiefs that I use for myself, but I wanted something for the whole family.  I would need a lot if it would replace a box of tissue during cold seasons.  Purchasing 20 handkerchiefs was out of the question, and I only wanted more 'one use' items anyway.
I soon realized that if I cut up some of my husbands old white tee shirts (from of my sewing scrap bin) I could duplicate the 'kleenex box' idea.  Cotton tee shirts are from fabric woven very tightly and will not come unraveled so don't need any sewing to keep them together, simple cut to shape!!

Thrilled in my discovery, I knew the real test was my husband who had just been hit hard by a cold.  I showed him the stack and he was happy to try anything.  He was instantly in love with the softness and sturdiness of these.  Now he won't touch the crummy disposable tissues!  Tossing them into a laundry basket instead of the garbage seemed to create no extra hassle for any of us.

We keep them in our kitchen towel/rag drawer for ease!  I'll never go back to paper!

(I know its been forever since my last blog post, sorry Grandmas!!,  I'll try to get a few more in during the weeks  :-) in the mean time check out my Etsy site and see where all my 'spare' time is going!!)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Albertsons is going to....

Jane from All Together Beautiful has agreed to take over my Albertsons postings and Sneak Peak Previews.  

I know she will do a wonderful and thorough job and I cannot wait to check in from time to time to see for myself.  Be sure to keep checking her blog daily as we never know when the sneak peak will become available.  

As many of you know I have turned my focus to my Etsy site and my soap business.  I seem to be staying busy enough there now to fill my hobby roll and just leave enough time to be mom and wife as well.  I just don't have space left in my day to dedicate to my blog the attention it needs.

Thank you everyone for all your help on Albertsons over the past, and lets be sure to give Jane a big welcome!

Monday, April 13, 2009

albertsons ad is here!

here it is!

check out the Grocery Gathering for your local grocer!

----------------------------    ------------     ---------    -----   ---   ---  --   -   -   -  -
Well, as Im typing this one handed while my daughter sleeps on my lap all I do is envision my next creations; I really need to make more baby lotion, finish my espresso massage bars (heavenly!!) and make more peppermint mocha sugar scrubs.

the Albertsons ad?  I think Im ready to pass it on.  With a growing toddler and a growing soap business I just dont make the time to blog like I used to.  Its fun when I get that urge and want to ramble on endlessly about something I created, some of my thoughts and ideas or especially when I think I really know a lot about something!!  I just cannot commit 100% anymore.  

I would like to know if any of you are interested in taking over my Albertsons Ad posts.  I  know there are still a few of you out there that enjoy the sneak peak, thank you.  I am happy to share my sources and pass on the links as well through BeCentsAble the Grocery Gathering.  

Interested?  email me at sweetsydneybean  (at)  gmail  (.com)

otherwise, enjoy Albertsons this week!  I'll touch base from time to time!   :-)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

why Albertsons doesn't always impress me...

Heres what I got at the Commissary for $35.  I was quite proud of myself this morning!  Even with my now-toddler walking up and down every isle, taking cans off the shelf and putting them all back, with my help of course.  Silly girl.

I got a ton of stuff including 2 bags of organic apples, one of organic pears, a case of tp, tons of salsa, lots of cheese for friday pizzas and enough stuff to make my husband lunches for quite some time!

...but, I will have to go to Albertsons if I want cereal!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

albertsons ad is here!

and here it is...

wow, its been a week since I've blogged.  I have been directing my focus elsewhere, the family and my soap business, as well as an un-manicured 7 acres that we purchased last fall.

now I've got to finish clipping my coupons quickly before my little one beckons me to bed....