Friday, June 26, 2009

Free Listings on Ebay!

I have recently discovered selling some of our gently used items on Ebay. They have a new program now that allows you to post 5 items per month at NO CHARGE! Yippee! After your item sells, if it does, you will still be charged a small percentage to Ebay and to Paypal (of course. )

If it doesn't sell you are still out nothing!

Selling is SO easy, I just had no idea! You must register with Ebay, easy, have a PayPal account, done! and be able to load pictures to your computer, simple!

The free listing offers one picture and a starting bid price of .99 cents. I have sold a quality electronic item for over $100 using this method! Its awesome. I have also sold a large amount of clothing this way as well. Some things will be popular and go for more than you expect, some just may not sell, or sell for .99 cents.

I have been a little disappointed a couple times when an item sold for just a dollar, but felt better after I reminded myself that I:

1. cleared out my closet of something I don't wear
2. recycled
3. made a dollar!
4. made someone else's day!

Check it out HERE and start selling!

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