Tuesday, August 18, 2009

MUST READ; The Toilet Paper Test....

I was fortunate enough to receive a generous gift from the people at Charmin and Febreeze. I thought to myself, hmmm, toilet paper, whats the big deal? Everyone knows the 'expensive' brands are softer, thicker and nicer, prettier and so on.... so what more is there to know, I wondered.

After closely inspecting my new kit I tried the 'thickness' test and soon discovered that, yes, 7 sheets of Charmin are thicker than 28 sheets of 'generic'. This got me to thinking.... how much money are we really saving when we purchase the cheap stuff, even with sales and coupons???

If I spend $1 on a 4 pack of cheap TP (say, on sale but without coupons) that would be equal in absorbency to one roll of Charmin. (appx. as it takes about 4 squares of cheap TP to equal 1 Charmin)

It would take 4 packs of cheap TP to equal ONE pack of Charmin!!! Wow!

I was expecting to be impressed by the quality of Charmin, I was not expecting to discover on my own the mere frugality of it as well. I now think differently about my TP 'bargains'.

I also got to test out the new Febreeze decorative candle-free luminary and find that it is by far the most attractive fragrance product out there in that field. Quite lovely!


The Keevy Family said...

Hmmm....Very interesting! I'll take your word for it after all that research you did! :) Thanks for doing all the work for the rest of us. :)


p.s. I know you're not around on your blog much anymore, but I still watch for your updates on my blog roll!

Anne-Marie said...

That is interesting! I've never thought of it that way either. Thanks for the unique perspective.

Darlene said...

Ok, this works well with adults who choose to limit the amount of tp they spool off the roll.
Problem is when you have kids that just grab and pull, you're using 2 to 3 times the amount of tp that would otherwise be used. I've found that the 5000 sheet, 4 pk of Dollar General lasts a WHOLE lot longer than the more expensive brands. And my toilets don't get clogged up nearly as often.

And I've also learned that cloth is even BETTER than tp. It's no harder to take care of than baby diapers, it cleans better and is cheaper than tp. It's just the "ew" factor that many people have - the same reaction that many people have to using a cloth diaper.

Erin said...

Great idea, Darlene. If you are even currently washing diapers at home it would be a great place to 'store' them 'till washing time, too!