Monday, March 16, 2009

albertsons is a GO!!

Looks like it just might be a good one this week....

Albertsons Ad Preview  (with doublers!!) 



Tropicana OJ .50 after doubler
Kellogs products 1.50 (when you buy 10) before any coupons...
Hot Pockets and Lean Pockets $1.50.  Double my .40 coupon=  .70
Tree Top Trim Juice is 2.50, double coupon from yesterday(or last sunday?)= .50!

I'll post more soon!  I know there are more deals out there!  Did you see any great ones???

Check out the Grocery Gathering for your local Grocers!


The Keevy Family said...

Erin, I am not where I can leave a direct link for you, but I posted about using 3 double coupons at Albertsons that are only good through tomorrow. There were 3 in the Sunday paper. You could use 3 tomorrow and then have the new ones on Wednesday! Jane

The Keevy Family said...

I have some $1 off 1 Activia 4 pack yogurt cups, which make them free after the coupon with a twice the value coupon.
I am not sure which Tropicana juice coupon you have. Mine is for $1.00 off of 2

Erin said...

Thank you Jane! You will have to post your Albertsons trip loot this week, I think you're gonna do awesome!

The juice coupon I have is for $1 off one 59oz carton of the Trop50 (the 50% less sugar one, and it was pictured in the Albies ad, so it should work). It was in the RedPlum from March 15 on the inside cover.

I may not be online much today as my daughter is sick. She was up ALL night with a fever, poor sweet baby. :-(
She is doing better today thank goodness.

beadiemom said...

Totinos Pizza Rolls are $10 for 10 ($1 each) so I am going to buy 2 with the 2 35cent coupons I have (from 1/25 and 2/08), with doublers, so I will pay 30 cents per box.