Monday, March 9, 2009

Why I am happy.

I am actually fighting a really depressed state this morning.  Yesterday my daughter and I took my husband (daddy) to the airport to fly to Hawaii for a week for work.  There were a million reasons why we couldn't accompany him.  Number one being that we just plain couldn't afford it.  

I am having such a hard time today knowing that maybe someway, somehow we could have gone with him.  Well, we couldn't and we didn't so I need to get over it and focus on what I do have in my life that does make me happy.

1.  a wonderful healthy, happy and perfect daughter
2.  a sweet and dear husband who respects me and loves me more than anything
3.  that caring husband who is a gentile and loving father that loves and cherishes his daughter more than anything
4.  an emotionally close, loving and supportive family who all live just minutes from me
5.  a wonderful safe and comfortable home on private land
6.  the ability to do my favorite hobbies, soaping and sewing
7.  the knowledge and love of making wholesome and healthy meals
8.  a healthy body with never a concern

okay, the list could go on and on, but I feel much better now already.  Thank you.   :-)

What do you have to be happy about?


Karla said...

Thanks Erin - important to keep perspective! I'm happy for a million things, not the least of which is a job right now...

And perhaps there's something fun you and your daughter can do in the next week to simulate an escape? Even if it's not with dad... :(

The Keevy Family said...

It is so good to hear what others are thankful for!
I endured 2 years of my husband traveling and only being home on the weekends. Although it wasn't that long ago it seems like those years are already a blurr. I never got used to it, although I did learn to cope with it.
I hope I never take for granted just being able to eat dinner with him and rest my head on my pillow so close to him. :)
We were meant to need each other, and when we can love each other and get along...isn't life wonderful?
I'll be thinking about you this week. I hope that the time passes quickly.