Thursday, March 12, 2009

blogworthy grapefruit.

Oh yum. Not only was this the best grapefruit I have had in a long time but it is soooo delicious as well. I ran into Walmart the other day for cheap organic soymilk, shoe polish, contact paper and bananas (where else ya gonna' go for all of those?) and discovered huge bags of grapefruit for.......


I am not sure how many pounds each bag was, but I do know that I am a super dork and just weighed one of these guys on my digital soap scale and it came in at 14.4 oz. There were 7 in the bag. I am guessing each bag weighed at least 5-6 lbs. I would keep an eye out if you are near a Super Walmart.

and, yes, I do eat mine just like they are an orange!

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Rachael said...

I love love love pink grapefruit! I eat them like an orange too...sometimes I peel and section them and eat them that way. I like them better than oranges if they are a bit sweet. Yum.