Friday, March 6, 2009

just soaping away...

Oh, here they are.

As I go to put on my pjs and robe tonight, while my husband puts our daughter down to bed, I discover my missing droppers in my robe from this morning. You know your busy when...

I was making soap bits this morning and could not find the 3 droppers I had gotten out previously... I looked everywhere! Good thing I had more in my supplies because I clearly never would have looked in my own pocket for them!!

I have been busier with my Etsy site than I had imagined. I am not selling a ton of items, but I am surprised that I am actually selling some things! I have even had a return customer already and I just began selling with Etsy last month! I am really excited and am planning on putting more of my focus there.

I will be getting more organized, stocking up a bit more and showing you guys more of my stuff. And, I do plan on doing a few more give-aways. Just not quite yet!

Here is the Summer Lemon soap I unveiled just this morning... It smells soooo good! The lemon essential oil I purchased from Brambleberry is the best I have ever smelled, I really am in love with it!

I wont be posting it for a month or so as it has to cure, but I am thinking of doing a whole lemon line, or maybe citrus set.... lemon soap, orange lotion, grapefruit body scrub, lime lip balm, lemon candle, grapefruit bath bombs...... what else can I make???


Bloggin' Mama said...

Ha! That's called mom-brain!! I have it triple b/c it grows with each subsequent kid!!

Totally unrelated to the citrus theme, but I would LOVE some peppermint soap. I was getting it from a local place, but they haven't made any in a while.... If you ever make any, I'll be your first customer!!!

Erin said...

Deal! Peppermint is one of my favorites and I haven't made any in forever! I'll keep you posted!

(pending the mom-brain doesn't kick in too strong!!)