Monday, March 2, 2009

Discover your local Goodwill (or I will!)

I have been on a quest for used books for my daughter.  I have found them at local thrift shops (few and far between), my favorite childrens consignment shop (a little pricy for me unless on 'sale') and even at used book stores, or 'boutiques' at the outrageous prices they ask!

I know the library is available to us, we do go there every week, but I just prefer not to borrow books as my daughter is still young and usually chews/colors/looses/fills with raisins/rips them.  You know.

Somehow, just today, I remembered that the Goodwill sells books.  The nearest Goodwill is about 30 minutes from my house, and I haven't been there in years.  When I went with my daughter today I was so pleasantly surprised, I mean thrilled!  What a huge selection of things; childrens clothes and books were my top interests today.  If my daughter only had slept in the Ergo a little longer I could have discovered so many other areas Im sure.....

The prices were pretty great. All childrens books were .79, unless otherwise marked, and I think I only saw 2 or 3 of those out of the hundreds lining the shelves.  The kids clothing was organized very well; by age(ish), by sex, by item (long sleeved, or pjs), and by color.   The toys were kind of everywhere, but still somewhat grouped together.

The toys I was able to find for her Easter Basket were great as well. I scored a bunch of Melissa and Doug wooden tool toys, a toy box and peg set for 2.99 all together! I was just amazed at the wonderful playthings they had on the racks.

I was able to scroll through a few clothing racks while hanging on to my now awake and active toddler, sorting out a few quality items at decent prices.  I didn't pay more than $3 for any single item and came home with some really awesome things.  Quality brands do mean a lot to me as I know the better an item is made the longer it will last.  I have seen this with cheap 100% Target shirts that pill after 3 washes vs a consignment Gymboree that holds up to anything.  This in mind I only purchased the Gap, Greendog, Janie and Jack, and Nordstrom today for her.  (the rest are in the wash right now!)

Keep in mind that I had to sort through a fair amount of things I would not consider quality or worth my money.  I imagine Goodwills in wealthier areas have higher quality things.  (I just read they have one in Bellevue!!  mom?  ya ready?)

While we have been donating to the Goodwill for years, this is the first time I have really appreciated how wonderful they really are.  The Goodwill Industries is huge support for the community giving good jobs and active life training and work experience to so many people with disadvantages in life.

Find your local Goodwill here and help support your local economy!

Prefer to shop online?  Check out  Too funny!  But, hey, the prices are better than ebay.

...and are these deals still not good enough for you?  (I want more!) Every thursday starts a new half off sale.  Next thursday is 50% off All Pink tags!! (they actually have calenders at the checkout with sales listed, you know I grabbed one,  yippee!)

and as always, Happy Shopping!


anngardner said...

Hi. I have been checking your blog recently and just wondered what the status is for the Albertson's ad for this week is?

The Keevy Family said...

Good work! I like Goodwill much better than Value Village. I loved seeing all of the things you came away with. Right now my ideas and ambitions for that are completely over the top, I love shopping for deals--however I lack the energy right now. But give it about 6 weeks and I'll be headed to the Bellevue Goodwill! I've been there quite a few times and I am always amazed with what I come away with. My last puchase was a gortex jacket for $10.
Kudos to you!!

Helen Oram said...

Friends of Library groups across the country also run book stores in their library, and occasional weekend sales. The prices are great (books were donated and the Friends volunteer their time). AND buying from them helps bring more services to the library, which translates to more services for the community. Win Win!
Helen Oram
Book Sale Finder

Erin said...

Wow, thank you Helen! I actually just found one of those sales near me, in a really nice town to boot! I don't normally go there so I would never have known about it! Looks like they do them all the time!

Thank you so much for the info and link! Yippee!

and, nice job Jane! I can't wait to see what I discover as well! I had no idea they carried such quality items!

and, Ann, you saw my next post, right? we finally did get the Albertsons ad.