Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday; back on the wagon!

Okay, I am back to my organized organizing starting this week!  The past couple weeks I have still been following along with my organization resolution more or less, I have just been focusing on my soap stuff and our daughters room.  I think I do better with just short term goals like shown.  If I want to do more I can!

Here goes....

The refrigerator is in desperate need of help!  If I get really nuts I'll get out the label maker....

and, the freezer.  It is not in a useful state at all, and as we have a storage freezer there is no excuse for that!  Can't wait to get it in order.

Wow.  I am actually a little embarrassed about posting this picture.  At one point there really was some organization to it, I promise.  I have tossed in some things that wouldn't normally belong; baking chocolate my daughter kept stealing from the pantry, my toothbrush (yes, I like to brush my teeth in the kitchen, its just easier with a toddler!!), our vitamins.  Organizing this drawer is long overdue.

Come back next tuesday to see what I accomplished!

Do you have any organization goals this week??


The Keevy Family said...

Funny, I just started this today! I organized my hall closet where we store kids games, coloring and craft projects. Embarrassing for sure to post a picture of the before, but
I am trying to do a little bit here and there.

Lisa said...

do have to giggle, thats my junk drawer san's the silverware..My fridge looks a bit sad a few days of the weeks as I always clean it on wed night since thur is trash day so I pull everything out and toss and wash...