Saturday, March 21, 2009

Even Easier Box Cake???

I know I haven't blogged in a while, and I do miss it.  We have just been so darn busy.  Well, me really.  Taking care of our sick baby.  She still has a low fever as of today.  Poor sweet little thing.  I wonder if she may have a sore throat as well to accompany her new symptoms of a runny nose and little cough.  hmmm....

Anyway, I had some big time sugar cravings tonight and wanted to quickly throw together something yummy.  Having a pantry full of box cake mixes I got for nearly free I considered one of those.  Being a vegetarian, I really don't buy eggs so googled a good substitute.  I do have a box of Ener-G Egg replacer but didn't know how well that would work here.  What I did found sounded really fun and easy so I gave it a shot!

Its just as good I really think, lower in fat and sooo much easier to prepare!  We both loved it, though usually we eat some healthy vegan concoction, so maybe its not exactly the same.  But amazing none the less!


1 box cake mix
1 can soda - 2 sips  (its supposed to be 10 oz of any carbonated beverage)

Make cake as normal directions suggest.  

Do not add anything else!  Its just that easy.  

(no eggs, no oil, no water, no milk, no nothin'!)


Amy @ said...

Looks good; sounds alot like my Pumpkin Cake mix. (Chocolate box mix, 1 can pumpkin & a little water)

What did you use for frosting?

Erin said...

Yum! That sounds really good plus a really healthy addition w/ lots of great nutrients.

I actually dont like frosting on my cake, weird I know. I didn't frost it at all. The piece showing is my husbands that I spread a little Betty Crocker frosting on for him.

Sometimes I dust with a little powdered sugar... though that certainly isnt a replacement for frosting!

Erin said...

Good idea! I forgot about doing this, I've heard of using diet soda with a cake mix to create a lowcal cake but never tried it.

We have a bunch of leftover soda from a party yesterday, I'll have to try using a can if I can a box mix cheap or free with coupons.