Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Albertsons week of Sept 17-23

Some deals to be had at Albertsons this week. Especially if you have RRs to use up!!

Green Grapes .98 lb
Russet Potatoes 3.99 for 10lb bag
Fresh Peaches 1.88 lb

20 for $10
Campbells Pasta
Campbells Cream of chicken or Mushroom
Campbells Chicken Noodle or Tomato (use recent .40 off 4 coup)
Campbells Spaghetto Os (use recent .40 off 2 coup)
Swanson Broth

10 for $10
Campbells Select Harvest soup (can or bowl)( use recent .50 coup)
Campbells Condensed soups
Campbells Spaghetti Os w/ meat
Muir Glen Organic tomatoes (Use $1 coup Here , and you will have to register if you havent before, and the site is a little goofy, but on the bottom of the page you will see 'coupons' once youre 'in')
Kraft Easy Mac (use $1/2 Here)

So, I found out that Albertsons will take Walgreens Register Rewards. I had a $10 Reward from last weeks Robotussin deal. My cashier had to get the managers approval, but she had seen these before and was happy to do it. I really love my Albertsons.

So, after the $10 Reward (if you read the top of them they actually say 'manufactures coupon') and all my coupons the total came out to $1.72. What a fun trip!

$1.72!!! I just cannot believe it!


Melissa said...

Albertsons will accept ANY competitors coupons... as long as they carry the product of course. So yeah, no surprise that they took the walgreens coupon. Of course if they ever refuse, remind them of their policy (and it is a policy) that they accept all coupons. I like to use competitors free 12 pack coupons (i.e. buy 4 get one free) there since albertsons does it as an ad item. I've been refused once and held my ground since the policy doesn't state that I can't use a coupon on an ad item... you can't double coupons but it wasn't so I won on that argument! Anyways, just thought you'd like to know.

Anonymous said...

I use my WAG RR at Albies all the time. Love that, especially when I don't have something to roll into at WAG before it expires.