Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cheap Beans!

Cheap(er) Beans!!

What is cheaper than beans?  Not much, especially when you buy dry and hydrate them yourself.  This is something I like to do ahead of time and keep in 'can size' baggies in my freezer.

I can usually find a 1lb bag of beans for around a dollar.  Once measured out it equals about 5 cans worth.  Cheaper, lower in sodium and they just taste better.  At about .20 per 'can', I think it is worth the easy steps!!

Take a 1 lb bag of beans (any type), throw in very large stockpot.  Fill with water, at least a couple of inches above beans.  Soak overnight. In the morning pour the beans in colander and rinse well.  Put beans back in stockpot and fill almost to top with water.  Add as much salt as you like (I usually add a couple teaspoons), bring to a boil, put lid on and turn off burner.  Let sit a good few hours or even all day.  Make sure to check tenderness of beans after a while, if really tough still you may need to bring to a boil again for a bit then let sit.

I prefer this method as I dont have to worry about any burning or overcooking and can leave it while I go out.  Plus it doesnt waste the energy that simmering for hours does.

Once beans are tender, usually by afternoon, I drain then put in baggies in overflowing one cup amounts.  I freeze these then keep in a gallon size ziplock bag, be sure to label them!!


Bonnie said...

Good reminder. I'm always making chili or burritos and it would be smart to have these ready to go!

Kerry said...

What a great idea! I always buy dry beans but reach for the canned ones so often because of the time and the large amount the dry bags make. Canned size portions is such an easy solution to this. Thanks so much!!!