Thursday, September 4, 2008

Frugal Friday; Reusing Old Clothing

A few weeks ago I decided to get crafty and sew some pants for my baby girl.  I ran across a great site with some really easy patterns here on

It was really easy, even for a beginner sewer.  The pattern I just printed out then enlarged in pieces on my printer then traced it onto a paper sack.  It was a basic enough pattern I imagine someone could even hand sketch a rough enlargement.

I reused an old pair of sweat pants that had long seen better days but still had plenty of material in the big baggy flare legs for a second use.  I was even able to make them big enough in the bottom for her cloth diapers.  I just love them!!  Cant wait to make more!!

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Brooke said...

good job! sewing isn't that difficult if you have the time and patience for it.

Rachael said...

I love those cute! I am still too scared to try much sewing though. By the way, how did you use the Fred Meyer coupon at Albies? Did you have to take it to customer service or what? I haven't tried that, but am inspired to because of your great deals!

Abbi said...

Good job! I love to use old clothing to make "new" items as well. It is so fun to get something for nothing and to not throw away stuff that still has some use in it. It is nice to be able to sew for little people as their clothes don't require as much cloth.

Teresa said...

How great! I love reusing our old stuff! I just started using my husbands old work shirts to make dresses for my four year old! There is a great pattern over at

Lisa said...

What a great way to recycle!! I do not sew.... at all. I admire those that take the time to do it.

Great Job!

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Sherry said...

Those are too cute and what a great way to reuse clothing!