Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Healthy Menu Plan!

This week will be back to my normal healthy eating.  We have had company in town over the weekend so my menu plan goes out the window.  So, there are a few items I did not get to make and will add into this weeks plan.  Ohh, and some leftovers from this weekends meals as well!

Chik'n Parm (leftover)
Easy roasted veggies

Orzo (leftover)
garden salad
Some kind of good bread

Frozen Burritos
Leftover queso(from the freezer)
chips, corn and garden tomatoes

Fresh Bread

Pizza night 
veggie tray

Mashed potatoes
steamed veggies

Rice and tortillas


Joyful Days said...

My son loves tofu. I will have to give that meatloaf a go. Thanks for some great meatless ideas I'd like to try!

Alissa said...

I have tried many vegetarian meatloafs and have always been disapointed. This sounds like just what I have been searching for. Thank you.

Sea said...

Just curious if you've made the tofu meatloaf before- it sounds really tasty. I'd have to sub out the wheat germ but I'm really intrigued and would like to hear your review of the recipe!

Thanks for sharing your healthy menu!


half pint pixie said...

Aaah, curried carrot soup rocks! I love the idea of that tofu meatloaf, methinks it might be making an appearance in our house soon :)

Erin said...

Thanks guys! Actually I make the tofu meat loaf all the time, or at least I used to before baby came along and stole all my time!! The recipe is one that I have adapted from a tofu cookbook out of the 70's. I have made numerous alterations to make it tastier and even more enjoyable to my husband who grew up on the real stuff!

Oh- and I ALWAYS use substitutions in my recipes, Im sure it will turn out great anyway you make it!!