Saturday, September 6, 2008

Super (Sample and Savings) Sunday!

PART I; Super Sample Sunday

My, I only got a couple this week!!  Two from Fiber One w/ coupons (that will probably get used) and a great little magazine from Remedy Life with lots of great recipes, weight loss and health info.  You can still order one here if you dont already receive it!!  I always find those types of magazines inspiring to live a healthier life.

My favorite this week was probably the full size granola bar.  I always keep a snack in my purse for those days when I am out and about and need a little bite.  Hope its not nasty!

Well, I couldnt get the stupid picture rotated so here it is sideways.  (so maybe Im not so computer savvy) Oh, well.  Maybe it'll draw more attention.  Ha!

PART II; Super Savings Sunday

I always count Sunday as the last day of my week. This is when I add up my weeks spending and savings.  The amount I save on groceries is important to me, it makes me feel validated with all the hard work I do to save my family money and allows us to use this money in different areas of our lives.

I think I will add a Super Savings segment to my Sunday round-up and would love to hear what you have saved your family each week.  A link back to your site or even a comment would be great. 

I love participation and I encourage everyone to read each others weekly savings and samples stories for great inspiration.  I also encourage comments on mine and other blogs linking to these topics.  Who doesnt love positive feedback!!  Lets keep blogging fun and inspirational!

So, this week I saved;
Albertsons 57.78
Commissary 51.94

Total 109.72 savings this week!  (and I only spent $97!) I was so proud to show my husband each one of these receipts this week!  Such hard work rewarded.

How much did you save this week?

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April said...

oooo, I missed the granola bar. My oldest would have loved that.