Monday, September 1, 2008

Unspectacular Me!

I was tagged by Marin, at one of my favorite blogs, with the 'Six Unspectacular Me Quirks' Meme.  In Marins spirit, I have added a picture of myself.  I dont have much of a selection on my laptop here, these were from our recent vacation last month.  We were on a biking trail around the lake.
What is unspectacular about me?  Guess I'll have to narrow it down to just 6 items then!!

1. The first item must be my ability to amuse myself.  Often I think I am really funny when no one else does.  Like my joke above 'guess I'll have to narrow it down to six '.  Yeah, I am still chuckling!

2.  I tend to overwhelm myself with projects.  Moving, taking care of 2 homes and 2 gardens, this blog, my Soap Making, taking care of baby and husband, the cats, spending hours clipping coupons and organizing each shopping trip, cooking from scratch, sewing,  being an overall do-it-yourself-er.  You know the drill.

3. I cant break my swearing habit.  Its not terrible, and I dont swear at anyone, mainly it comes out when something bad happens.  Like I stub my toe and out comes an 'F' bomb.  Guess I'll curb it when my daughter is old enough to repeat me!!!

4.  I am so happy just being a domesticated mom.  I can keep myself so busy at home (and maybe a play group or two) that I may have no desire to ever work again.

5.  I am a vegetarian.  I am almost a vegan, I rarely eat cheese (mostly friday on my pizza, though I love cheeseless as well) and a little real ice cream now and then.  I have no desire to go fully vegan at this time.  I like just grabbing the cheapest bread at the store no matter what the ingredients.  But I really hate milk, it just disgusts me to imagine drinking the milk nursed from a huge pink bulging cow utter.  Sorry.

6.  I am not poor.  My husband and I drive newer European cars, we wear very nice clothes and live in a very respectable town.  I am thrifty because that is the way I was raised.  And by saving money I am able to stay home and raise my daughter and have these nice things.  Sometimes I feel like a fake because I use so many coupons and only shop the deals.  But if I didn't save so much money I might now be here right now.  I might be at a REAL JOB!  And I like this one much better, so on I continue with the coupon clipping with my head held high proud of all we have accomplished!

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