Monday, September 15, 2008

My sweet teething baby.

My sweet little angel is working on her top 2 teeth right now. When the bottom teeth came in I remember it being a very rough month. She didn't sleep well, was fussy, drooly and really needed me more than normal. The past week has been the exact same.

As I don't believe in putting drugs in her tiny natural body, I discovered many other safe options. Natural teethers have been wonderful to us. She has some wood ones from Haba and some organic cotton ones from Under the Nile. I have also tried the wet washcloth in the freezer trick, but she never seemed to like that one, too cold I guess.
Another route I went was assistance from my Naturopath in obtaining some homeopathic remedies. Chamomile and Calcarea Phosphorica (whatever plant that is!) have been life savers. Here is a small kit, similar to the one I have, that contains the camomile for teething. I love my Homeopathic Kit and use it all the time for the whole family.

I also found a numbing remedy using clove oil that is very simple to make (and smells really great!) I have found that I increase the clove oil a tiny when I use it, maybe 2-3 drops, but be sure to test it on yourself first (the gum area) so it doesn't sting her!

Clove Oil Remedy
1 drop clove oil
1 Tbs carrier oil (I used olive oil)

Mix well, keep in glass container and rub on babys gums as needed.

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