Friday, September 26, 2008

Show and tell Saturday. How I made $ at Albies.

I really made out at Albertsons this week.  Due to the Glade overage deal I was able to make a lot of profit at the store.  I almost feel bad.   But I guess I have no reason to.  I am just a savy shopper and have no reason to fret.  I did my shopping in 5 different transactions and 2 different stores and did not deplete anyones supply of anything.  So I can feel good about that.

These pictures reflect my 5 transactions.  Original full price on the 3 cases of TP alone is $38.76!!!  I am just shocked that toilet paper is that expensive and someone might actually pay that price for it!!  I ended up paying just over $15 for it, or $5 a case. 

My total out of pocket was 34.78.  I have $19 in catalinas to use still making my total 15.78.  If I decide to take back and exchange my 4 Cheese Nips (after discovering that the Reduced Fat are not included in the $4 back deal but Regular are) my total would be 11.78.  FOR ALL OF THIS!!

So, basically, I paid $5 per case for 3 cases of TP and the rest was free.

What did I save? 189.49
I think I am getting a hang on this Grocery Game thing.

I just may go back for more!
(total value 205.27 for 15.78)

Oh, and check out this link for the details on how you can get free groceries at Albies.  And, hey, I post the best steals at Albertsons every week (on wednesdays) so come back if you want to try it yourself next week!


Katie said...

Nicely done!!! I'd go back to exchange the Cheese Nips....just imagine what you could get with $4! :)

The Keevy Family said...

Just found your blog through money saving mom. I love Albertsons too! I am one month into this grocery game stuff and I am on track to save $100 this month! I am glad to find someone who blogs about Albertsons. I have enjoyed reading your posts, very helpful! Are you in the Northwest? I am in the Seattle area and just wondering if our ads were the same. I didn't find the same deal on the Power aid zero. They are 69 cents in the ad, but I didn't see the catalina. I am going to look while I am in the store.
I am also going to try your tortilla recipe this week, thanks! Jane

Erin said...

Jane- I am so glad you found and enjoy my blog. I am actually on the Kitsap Penninsula so our ads should be the same!!

The Poweraid Zero (the sugarfree one) deal ends today, so go quick if you can. THe catalinas are not advertised. You have to buy 6 Poweraid Zeros to get $4 back. No more, no less. THey are .69 at my store too making them .14 for 6.

Dont be embarrased to buy 6 take them to the car and go back in for 6 more, paying with you Catalina of course!! THe cashiers just laugh when I do that!
Good luck!