Friday, September 26, 2008

its 8am, what have you done today?

It is amazing how much you have to do as a mother.

In my 'past life' by 8am I would have gotten up, showered, ate cereal and gone to work.  Thats it.

Now with a baby things are so different.  We got to sleep in today which is so wonderful, I feel so great.  My husband is taking a test in a class today for work so he gets to sleep in, which means the alarm didnt go off to wake up baby and we slept in till 6.45!!

Heres my day so far;
6:45 wake up
6:46 nurse baby then watch her wake up daddy
7:02 drive to neighbors farm to see if they have any eggs out for sale.
7:05 no eggs, so I go home
7:20 throw diapers in the dryer
7:22 cut up a muffin from fridge, pour juice and bring to bedroom where husband is studying
7:24 get teething biscuit for baby so she can eat too
7:31 fold laundry while baby unfolds it
7:40 decide maybe eggs were just put out late this morning so get back in car and drive down to farm again.  Surprise!! no luck.
7:50 go to kitchen with baby, feed her banana and bread in high chair
7:51 make myself toast and try to eat it as baby decides she doesnt want to eat her breakfast
7:59 open up laptop as I want reflect upon my morning
8:00 baby fusses, must get down, we go read a book
8:09 baby is happy and plays by herself while mommy gets to write.

Oh, how life has changed!

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