Sunday, February 1, 2009

baking day!

Sometimes I get this bug to just be really domesticated all day.  I do think it must be hormonal.  Primal, even.  Maybe....  oh, I won't get into it!

Here's what I made!

Oreganato bread sounded good, next time I will add a tsp or so of sweetener.  Dorky name, huh?  Mr. Roboto anyone?

To put on our bread I made some Better Butter.  It is fantastic!!  I really was surprised, just like margarine! I had no idea how easy it would be to make our own 'butter'!

Although, unlike butter or margarine, it is free of chemicals, hormone filled dairy or any hydrogenated oils, so it was safe for the little one to eat!  Yippee Skippee!

Tofu Banana Pudding was super easy and contains no sugar or added fat!!  and its really good!  I think she likes it!  (look, I think she actually got some in her mouth  :-) 

My favorite healthy oatmeal cookies.  Very low sugar and fat free!  It makes cookies for breakfast more than okay!  More than okay?  Yes, we will be having cookies for breakfast 'till they run out!

   -then I threw together a quick vegetable-italian type soup.  I chopped up any fresh veggies we had, tossed in some barley and some herbs, my favorite vegan stock base and let simmer.  A bit before we ate I tossed in some pasta and cabbage.  It was pretty decent and very healthy.



Amy said...

Thanks for including the soup picture. I've been making more broth-based soups with lots of veggies(though I usually have chicken in them too) and I think I will try putting cucumber in the next one. It looks good. :)

Amy said...

hey is that cucumber or zucchini in that soup? I was at the market today, and suddenly realized it was probably zucchini! hehe

Erin said...

it is zucchini! although cucumber might be fun too...