Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I love winning natural products!

Last week I found out I won this wonderful Zarbees natural cough syrup from Jane at All Together Beautiful.  

So many conventional products used these days are so horribly harmful to our bodies.  That is why I am converting our family slowly to living on 100% natural products.  

My daughter is first, of course!  She has never had any drugs in her little precious body.  I never even took a tylenol during pregnancy!  This cough syrup is something that we will use and continue to buy more of!

As Zarbees is completely natural and loaded with honey, your kids will love it, no horrible drug or alcohol taste!   It is packed with Vitamin C and Zinc, well known for kicking colds and boosting the immune system. 

Harmons stores in Utah seem to carry it, and Im sure others will soon!  The rest of us will have to buy it on-line from the Zarbees site, but shipping is free!

Thank you so much Jane, and thank you Zarbees!