Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday!

Over the past 2 weeks I have been very busy working on various project around the home.  My two 'tackle it tuesday' projects got thrown aside while I got distracted with other projects.  

Here are my before and afters.  Its nice to be able to use our bulletin board again!      

I also bagged up the rest of the clothes and toys our daughter just grew out of and those are going to storage for now.

Next week the changing table should be out of the pictures!!  She hasn't let us 'hold her down' to change her in probably 6 months or so.   She prefers standing! 

I am going to find another place to put her diapers, her many, many big bulky cloth diapers!  And her wipes warmer.  I also plan to finish painting the trim in her and her closet door.   The home we just moved into was only pre-owned for a 'brief' time (3-4 years?) and the previous owners didn't get a chance to finish everything.    We have a lot of projects ahead of us for the next couple of weeks in order to complete her room!  I am excited and will post more pictures of what we 'tackle' next week!!

Does anyone have any big projects they are tackling this week?


Bloggin' Mama said...

Doesn't it always feel so nice to accomplish something? I'm finally getting back to a normal routine around here since the baby is almost 5 months old now. This weekend I tackled a MOUNTAIN of clothes that are too small for the kids. I got it sorted and the baby's things boxed up. The boys' things are still waiting for a trip down to the crawl space... ICK - to add them to the containers already down there. One day I'm going to post photos of my crawl space!

Karla said...

Great job! I LOVE getting something clean, and if I turn on the OCD compartment of my brain, I find I can usually keep it clean. Well that's been true since my major house overhaul a few weeks ago... My project for this week is the yard! I added about 20 sq. ft. to my veggie garden, and need to prep it so I can do some planting!