Thursday, February 19, 2009

sleeping better

Well, technically you can say she has slept through the night twice in a row!  Technically, because 5 hours straight counts as a 'full nights sleep' according to the 'experts'.  

(how can we trust these so called experts if they feel 5 hours of sleep is enough!  hmmm..)

I think she is learning that nursing is great for comfort and food, but she can sleep without it.  She now finishes nursing and rolls over to go to sleep!  She only woke up twice last night and only once the night before!  Getting her to bed is easier as well, thats dads report at least!

We have our early dinner (5:30pm sharp-ish) and early bath(6:45pm) and bedtime(7:45-8:15ish- we are working on that!) firmly in place.  I am doing WHATEVER it takes to get 2 naps in during the day.  Weather I rock and nurse her for an hour, or go for a drive in the car, I make it a priority to get her to nap at least 1 hour 2x per day.  That really is the hardest part right now!
I had a lot of faith in The No-Cry Sleep Solution and now I have even more faith!

We are still working on creating a 'lovey' for little one.  She has never had a favorite stuffed animal(I am her favorite 'lovey'!), so we are sleeping with a bunch of them!  Its such a funny sight to see stuffed animals all over our bed.  We are so NOT stuffed animal people! (as adults, you know)  I think she is getting more attached to them now and will slowly send them to her crib one at a time.

Also, the nap issue I will continue working on.  Maybe I will try to see if she will nap in our bed during the day...

Anyway, off to a good start today!  Nothing beats waking up happy and rested!  Yippee!

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Bloggin' Mama said...

I haven't read that book and have been blessed with good sleepers, so forgive me if I'm asking something that's part of the no-cry plan, but I was wondering if you've tried just one nap per day? At around 13-15 months old my older 2 transitioned from 2 naps to one long mid-day nap. At that age they were sleeping from 12-2:30 with a very firm morning wake time and 11:00 lunch, then nap and 5:15 dinner and 8:15 bedtime (with bedtime 'procedures' starting at about 7:45). However, I do know that what works for one family doesn't necessarily work for another.

I know what sleep deprivation is like (at least in those first few months) and can only imagine what it's like long term, so I do pray you find what works for your family SOON.