Friday, February 13, 2009

sleep much?

I was going to get myself some coffee this morning and my daughter some juice w/ liquid vitamins.  Yup.  Thought I'd have her vitamins in my coffee instead.  Mmmmm... B vitamins...

It was great to start the morning out with a good laugh though!

Actually, we did start the morning out all smiles.  For the second night in a row!!  I think this sleep plan stuff is working already.  I remember a few times last night when she woke to nurse, finished, then ROLLED OVER to sleep.  WITHOUT me!!  I cannot believe it.

Which brings us to why she didn't wake up miserable and crying like normal, maybe she knows she can now sleep without it (it being nursing) and is not distressed when waking as she doesn't feel like she is missing out now.

We really struggled to get her down to sleep last night.  My husband was finally successful by rocking her.  I am scavenging for ways to get her to nap during the day as well.  I think many of these issues are heaviest right now with her molars coming in.  I took a 30 minute drive today to finally get her morning nap in.  We tried rocking, nursing, walking around, lullabies....  Hopefully her naps will get easier too.

All in all, I think Elizabeth Pantley is on to something.  We are planning to progress each day (and Night!).

I thank you for all your warm thoughts and support.  Everyone has been so kind and inspiring.  I know everyones wishes and advice will help us make it through this hurdle.  I know that we all may raise our children differently but we do have in common the fact that we are all doing it the best way we know how, with our treasured families and children first.

Lets all sleep well tonight.

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