Friday, February 27, 2009

convenience (for me!) food

While my husband is away for a few days I have decided in order to make survival of raising a toddler w/ molars coming in and sleep issues without any help, I need to make things easier on myself. I wont be cooking while he is away. I feel this will allow more time playing with our baby and keeping her happy while maintaining my sanity! (aka; not having a huge mess in the kitchen to clean up 3x per day)

While this may seem like no big deal to many of you, keep in mind that we are vegetarian and I keep my daughter on a vegan diet as well. And, we are on a budget and I generally eat really healthy. Fast food is out, 'prepared' frozen meals are out and Im not about to spend big money on gormet veggie take out.

Instead I have prepared a few things for us to enjoy while we are having some quality girl time together.

First, I made a big batch of peanut butter oatmeal muffins that we can have for breakfasts and snacks. They were a little dry so I wont share the recipe!

Second, I made a HUGE salad. I chopped up any vegetable we had, some peas and even a green apple and threw it together. I plan many things for this salad, and have enjoyed a few already!

1: Taco Salad; throw on a can of pinto beans, chips, thousand island

2: Boca Wrap; microwave boca throw in tortilla w/ salad mix and tofu ranch!

3: Soup and Salad; heat up a can of soup, pour balsamic on salad

4: Burrito; heat up a frozen burrito, throw it on salad and pour on salsa

This will keep up happy and healthy while not tempting me to eat chips for dinner or to create a big mess in the kitchen!

(of course I am posting this after he returns home as to not advertise being alone!)


Karla said...

Good planning! I think planning is the "missing link" for so many people who have good intentions but get foiled by sudden hunger. And your salad looks nice and crispy - key to making it last over a few meals!

Anne-Marie said...

YUM! Your salad looks delicious. Thanks for the tips!

I also wanted to thank you so much for sharing your 2009 goals on my blog. I just wanted to check in with you and see how you were doing with your goal to get organized. I hope all is well!

Erin said...

Thanks guys!

Anne-Marie, I have actually been much busier selling my soap products than I expected! I am really excited! My organization goal is moving along slowly. I had hoped to be able to have gotten a little more done by now (being march!) but, slow and steady wins the race, right?

Thanks for your follow up, maybe I'll post on it soon.