Saturday, February 21, 2009

When convenience isn't.

A long time back I got ahold of some really great Campbells coupons that earned me a number of these Soup at Hand meals free.  

This is normally something I would not purchase as it is not very natural, requires microwaving (literally zapping some of the nutrients out), nor is it filling.  

Every time I nuke one of these suckers it seems to make a mess!  Two different houses, two different microwaves and following the directions each time.  Then I have to add spices, salt and pepper and tabasco to make them palatable!

We have to remember just because we think we spot a good deal doesn't really mean it is a good deal! 

 These certainly WERE worth free, and I would be happy to try them again.  For .25 cents or less!


Erin said...

Aren't you supposed to put the plastic lid back on before you microwave it? it's been awhile si I can't remember for sure.

I have always microwaved mine for less than the directions call for. My microwave is kind of strong. Maybe that would work?

But I agree, I wouldn't pay full price for those!

Erin said...

Yeah, actually you are not supposed to micro with the lid on. Strange, huh?

I now realize that I do microwave for longer than what the directions state. I put it in for the suggested amount of time, stir, taste, then put back in.... I like my food HOT, not luke-warm. Guess thats my problem! :-)

Anonymous said...

Can you pour out contents into a sauce pan and skip the microwave part? May solve 2 issues - boil over and the unhealthy downside of zapping food.... ??

Erin said...

Ha ha! See, I have the opposite problem, I like them warm, not hot. I'm the same way with coffee. While everyone else can drink theirs hot, I have to wait forever for it to cool down.

Rachael said...

I've always wondered if those were good or not. Glad to know that I should wait on them unless they're almost free!