Thursday, February 5, 2009

My favorite Veg Cookbooks

I am asked all the time where I find good vegetarian recipes.  I thought it might be fun to post a list of my favorite books and websites.  I mainly cook vegan.  If I am going to put energy into something, Im going to do it right and not load it with extra fat, calories and other stuff that wont keep our bodies at optimal health and feeling great.

Oh, and just for fun, maybe I'll post some corresponding Amazon advertisements on the side here to make it easier if any of you are interested in making a purchase!!  I recommend the used versions, shipping is the same unless you spend over $25 on new books.  (hint:  click on the used price otherwise it will take you to the brand new, higher priced book)

I know, I know, such a shameless way to make a buck.   I have bills to pay too!  ;-)

My favorite books:

My favorite Crockpot book is Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker by Robin Robertson.  All of the recipes are really easy to prepare and always good and very healthy, generally low in fat.

One book I have relied on for years for simple and even more complex tofu recipes is Tofu Cookery by Louise Hagler.  I use many of her base recipes all the time, my meatloaf if a version from this book.

I really enjoy anything by John or Mary McDougall.  They keep things very, VERY simple and the recipes are the ultimate package if you want to loose a few pounds or just stick to a very healthy, low fat, no sugar diet.

I was given a wonderful book from a California restaurant called The Real Food Daily, by Ann Gentry, cookbook as a gift.  I have only made a few items in it, as they are more complex in preparation, but they are by far the very best vegan foods I have ever eaten.  She uses some atypical ingredients in her foods for the most amazing results.

My mother has Fast Cooking in a Slow Cooker and I have copied many really great recipes from it!  I really need to get my own copy I guess!

Some of my favorite Recipe Websites are:  their site is a little 'basic', but I always find what I want there.  I would guess almost half of their recipes are vegan, the rest vegetarian.

The Post Punk Kitchen is just a kick to visit.  All vegan and very funky!

I really like Vegan Mania.  They don't have a ton of recipes, but everything I've made there was good!

I actually use the Morning Star Farms recipes on occasion when I want to 'not cook' and just fancy up some prepared goods.

I have just recently found Fat Free Vegan and have bookmarked a few things.  I have yet to try them yet, but they are making me hungry!!

I also used to subscribe to Vegetarian Times, my subscription recently ran out and I've gotta renew again.  They always have TONS of wonderful, seasonal recipes in them. (and good coupons, too!)

Happy Cooking!

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Anonymous said...

One of my two tried and true favorite vegan cookbooks just happens to be featured right next to this section in your blog. 'Fast Cooking In A Slow Cooker Every Day of the Year' Joann Rachor is really good. Every one of her recipes turns out wonderfully. Our favorites are the Boca Beefless Stew and ChickPea Ala King.
Our other favorite is 'The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook' which looks are deceiving on this one (looks like they are all out of the 60's), but these guys really have figured it out and have excellent tasting vegan recipes.
My favorite recipe blog right now is Vegan Dad!