Saturday, February 21, 2009

Earning a few dollars...

American Eagle is offering a $10 gift card for a research study survey.   Sign up for their panel here!

Join with Zoom Panel and earn rewards and gifts for simple surveys!

Amazon is giving a $10 gift card for moms with children under 2 who participate in this short survey. 

okay, and this one is not survey related, but Gevalia is having a really great deal right now.  They are offering 3 boxes of coffee and a stainless steel coffee mug for just $3. 

 This is one of those subscription things where you have to cancel the minute you get your order, like the free magazine 'trials'.  I have no problem doing it with magazines, I just haven't done it with coffee before.  Its really not that much hassle for practically free, really good coffee.  I've heard of many women who have successfully done this....  this might be one of those deals worth grabbing!  hmmmm....

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