Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Albertsons deals Week of April 16-22 (pac NW stores)

Albertsons wants to be sure our cereal supply is not getting low (mines not!!)

The best advertised deal I have found is a Quaker deal of 10 products for 15.00, then adding a $3 discount at register with purchase of the 10 items. I can combine this with a few coupons to get most or all items for 0.20 each.  I just came back from Albertsons after only doing the Quaker scenario and paid 2.90 out of pocket!  I will post pics saturday.

Quaker Life Cereals, Coupon for $1 off Cinnamon Life here

Oatmeal to Go Bars
Breakfast Cookies or Morning Minis
Granola Bites
Granola Bars
Cereal or Muffin Bars
Add recent newspaper coupons for $1/1 box of Baked snacks does apply to most of these, as does the .55 off 1 Oatmeal bar box (located by the oatmeal)

Frito-Lay Fritos or Cheetos 9-10oz bags

SoBe No Fear or Mountain Dew Amp Energy Drinks 16oz BOGO coupon here

I also see the Strawberries are at 1.49lb, making the 4lb containers $5.96. Not great, but not terrible for early spring.

Pearl Organic Soy mild is $10 for 10 (dont have to buy 10)

Breyers 16 oz size ice cream is also $10 for 10

Let me know if you find and really great deals at any Albertsons store and what state you live in. (it seems that all Albertsons regions have different sales)

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