Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Help around the house

    Being a stay at home mom is not an easy job.  I had really high expectations before we had our little girl 6 months ago.  I was certain that I would be able to keep the house immaculate every day, always have laundry caught up and a meal made from scratch waiting on the table when my husband arrived home.  All this while of course keeping up on my hobbies, grocery shopping and yard work, oh thats right, on my 6 month old as well!  No, I wasn't born in the 20s, and my mother did not instill old fashioned rules into my head.  I truly thought there was that much time in the day.  Really, stop laughing.
    I have been considering getting some help with the house cleaning.  A local cleaning gal
would be about $50 per cleaning.  If we did this once or twice a month it would allow more time for me to gain financial income elsewhere.  I would do this by clipping coupons, hitting all local grocery sales, some advertising on this blog and even revenue from my soap and toiletries line.  
    Would this really be financially smart?  I really could use the help, even if I don't have extra time to spend on anything but my daughter.  I feel she would benefit greatly.  
    Does anyone else have an opinion?  Is anyone else in this situation?  I know I am blessed that we could potentially afford a little help, but is it a smart place to put our money? (my mental sanity and the moulding of our daughter?)


Marin said...

I look after a friend's baby boy (3 months) 3 mornings a week, along with my two boys (7 months and 18 months), while she works. It makes for some harried mornings, but I can use that extra money for whatever I want (Starbucks, clothes for the boys or me, and yes, a housecleaner twice a month)! So worth it.

Teresa @ A Life At Home said...

What about investing in a sling or carrier and carry her around with you. I do that with my littles. They love "helping" mommy and I get quite a few things done.

It's a hard transition to come from the working world home. I've been there. It's also a common misconception that you'll have more time in the day.

Oh, and schedule might help. Just like your workday was more structured, your home is your work now. Just a suggestion.

Erin Edwards said...

Teresa- I do use a sling and a carrier, love both! Maybe I need a schedule, never thought of that, what a great idea. I think I'll give it a try, thank you for your suggestions!