Friday, April 18, 2008

Erins Frugal Friday

My frugal tip this week will really only apply to parents who use cloth diapers on their babies.  If you do not have little ones in diapers this may sound icky and bore you.  If you have a baby and only use disposable diapers, think about switching to cloth.  I use Bum Genius 3.0, a one sized diaper with velcro tabs that is more leak proof than the pampers we used to buy.  I love them, and we have tried 4 different types of cloth.  They are pricey to get into, but now we dont ever have to spend a dime on diapers OR wipes, ever.  That is huge.
Okay, my frugal tip is making your own cloth baby wipes.  When I first did this I sewed pretty flannel rectangles with contrasting thread, similar to the designer ones I saw on-line.  I made them into sizes that fit in my wipes warmer.  Fun, but a bit time consuming.
Once I went through them all and realized I really needed more, I had a bright id
ea to cut up one of my husbands (old) white tee shirts, no hemming or surging needed.  I roughly made them all the same size as a regular disposable wipe would be if it were folded up.   I run the whole stack under warm running water then wring lightly and place in my wipes warmer.  For a more pleasant experience I made up a bottle of bottom solution (after some more research online) that I then pour a bit in the warmer to soak into the wipes.  It really helps wipe glide along babys soft skin better, smells nice and the tea tree is a disinfectant. 

Once babys bottom is cleaned I just toss the wipes along with diaper into the pail!

Baby Bottom Solution;
4-6oz distilled water
2-4oz witch hazel
1/2 tsp good oil (I used Apricot)
few drops of lavender, tea tree and/or other essential oils.

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emily said...

I love Bum Geniuses, too! I only have a few, but hope to accumulate more. I'd use them exclusively if I could!