Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Todays Commissary Deals; Bangor

I spotted a few good deals today while grocery shopping at my local Commissary.

Baking Potatoes $0.19 per lb
Cucumbers $.39 each
Sunsilk Hair Products are $2.49 each, use recent newspaper insert coupons for $2/1 and BOGO makes them less than $.25 each
Aquafresh Advanced toothpaste is $2.26 minus recent internet coupon here of $2 off
Welches bags of Dried fruit $1.47 each minus coupon in recent papers for $1 off 1
Betty Crocker Frosting is $.99, if you haven't cashed in those $.55 coupons, now is a good time!
Well, thats all I have for now.  Let me know if you saw something great!!
Baby is crying and needs some lovin', gotta go!


The Happy Housewife said...

Great job on the commissary deals! I might need to pick up some potatoes if they are sale here in MD. I saw the toothpaste... but we have sooo much, from CVS, I don't think I can purchase another tube!

Marin said...

Keep up the commissary posts! I'm an AF wife and do most of my grocery shopping at the Commissary.

Melissa said...

I'm friends w/Marin...I too shop at the commissary a lot! Keep up those posts. :)