Friday, April 25, 2008

Show and tell Saturday. My moneymakers!

I spent 13.72 at Albertsons, which is kind of a lot.  But I did get a few things we needed.  The breakdown;
3 boxes of cereal
5 boxes of Bagel-fuls
3 2 liters of Coke, a treat for my wonderful husband
A 6 pack of t.p.
5lbs of potatoes
4lbs of red grapes

I did awesome at Rite Aid this week.  I did make 2 transctions so I get 2 hair dyes, which I will now donate somewhere!!  My total?  A profit of $20.67!!!!

I also must add that I spent $38 at the Commissary for the rest of our groceries, including lots of produce and stocking up on a few canned items as well.
My weekly total is $31.05!!  Yippee, this leaves me some room to hit up Costco in a few days!

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Jennifer said...

Great Deals Erin!! WTG!!