Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pantry Remodel

Early last week I had a genius idea to re-shelve our pantry.  Well it took me a good few days to empty all the food out and organize into bins.  It took my husband a day and a half to demo it after we discovered the 'pantry inside a pantry' had been built into the framework of the house back in 1939.  He worked really hard and finally got it stripped clean.  
My stepfather came over to help frame out the back half, thank you Marty!  My husband then re-wired for lighting and the installation of a microwave (yes, we want it in the pantry, no place to install in the kitchen).  He then attempted sheetrock, another first for him, and did a fabulous job.  
I, yesterday, did all the mud and spackle work, which was quite a job.  Today I did a primer coat of paint  (and remember, choosing 'just a bright white' is never an easy task)  then I added wall texture spray.  I will not attempt to scrape all the texture off the old half of the pantry, just not worth it, I do need to remember this is just a pantry after all.  I then took baby to the store while the paint and texture dries.  (I will post my freebie deals soon)
Upon my return I discover that my husband has gotten off of work early and will be a great help to move this project along.
Here we go.......

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