Saturday, April 12, 2008

sorry, more bad news....

I found my Gerber Organic baby food is also packaged in #7 plastic. What a frightening find. Lucky for us, I have only been feeding her solids for 2 weeks. I was very upset and wrote a letter to Gerber but have not heard back from them yet.
I have since purchased only Earths Best and plan to use my new baby food mill as well. I encourage you all to check your plastic packaging and inform these companies that we will not purchase their goods packaged in toxic plastics.

What plastic items have you found around your house that we should be aware of??

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Marin said...

I've read in my research on BPA that there are 2 types of #7 plastic, often labelled "PP" or "other" to differentiate, and that Gerber food packaging is made with the non-evil form of #7. Hope that helps!