Thursday, December 4, 2008

Day 15; Healthy Vegan Diet

Two week check up;

Well, we are half way through our month of a healthy vegan diet.  I am feeling pretty good.  My body is really happy and feeling lighter.  No more sugar and fat highs and lows.  I am glad to be waking up feeling good every morning, no more 'heavy meal hangovers' (that friday night pizza!).

Now, this diet really isn't much different than how I really eat on a normal basis.  To my surprise, I don't miss the cheese on my pizza one bit.  I do have silly little cravings for it now and then, though.  I do have some soy cheese and that seems to cease those needs a little, plus, I still do need a treat now and then.

I have also re-discovered packaged bread crumbs.  What a wonderful (and cheaper than soy) alternative to parmesan cheese!  I am putting it on all my pastas, yum!

I have been checking my weight periodically and discovered (before Thanksgiving!!) that I had lost a pound so far this month.  That is pretty impressive since I don't have a ton of excess to loose!

I then weighed myself after Thanksgiving and noticed that my pound had creeped back.  Well, maybe it wasn't a good idea to weigh myself so soon after a big feast.  I will check again later this week. (as soon as all that leftover pie is gone!!)  Maybe November and December are the worst months to try to loose weight and get healthier.  

Oh, well.  Maybe in January I will try this again and be stricter.  Holiday treats have been just a little to tempting this season.

For the rest of this month I will keep a food diary.  I know this will help me limit my 'holiday treats' (low sugar vegan cookies, breads and wine!)  I also have not been eating enough fruit, this new food diary will help me monitor that as well.  And, I need to be better about doing my yoga EVERY DAY.

Can't wait to see where I am at next week!

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Cinnamon Henke said...

Good for you! I've been trying to go vegan for about a week, the only thing I have a problem with is going with out cheese and honey. Otherwise so far so good!