Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hip Jeans: $2

Being naturally frugal at heart, and now living on one income, I have found other ways to update my wardrobe. I have discovered the art of making over your own clothing.

I have this wonderful pair of very flattering jeans. Though I did not spend much on them, a TJ Maxx special, the Buffalo brand still makes me feel special, and makes my rear end look smaller!!

I have not been wearing them lately because the flare leg on these is a little out-dated. Oh, what to do? I decided to give them a total makeover.

After a little research I learned how simple it would be to just take in the legs and make 'skinny jeans'. But, if they were to be skinny jeans they would need to be a darker color, right? So, I went the dye route again. RIT dye, big bottle, liquid, in the color Denim, $2.67. Perfect.

I ripped open the inner seam up past the knees, tried them on and safety pinned where I wanted them sewn in. After lots of pinning, measuring, and taking my pants carefully on and off for a bit, I was satisfied and sewed and serged up the whole leg.

After I had them to a perfect fit I threw them in the wash for good measure while preparing my dye solution. I decided not to use my big soap pot this time as I thought it would not be enough room for these jeans to 'move around freely'. I have a front load washer so that was out as well.
I was left only with the sink method. I boiled two big pots and one kettle of water and dumped them into my sink with the dye and salt mixture. I swished around and added my jeans. I let them sit for the full hour as I wanted them as dark as possible. After rinsing for a ridiculous amount of time, I was finally able to was them 'as directed'.

The suspense was taking hold of me until I finally got to try them on. I really love them and am so happy I decided to take this plunge. I will certainly be doing this again if I get the chance!!

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The Keevy Family said...

You are so funny, and quite creative!! Ever since your post on dying clothes last time I have been thinking about dying funny things, like my underwear! Oh my, can't believe I just said that!!

Frugal Living Online said...

You are gutsy to tailor jeans. Great job.

I once dropped pizza grease on a pair of new pants and then dyed them dark brown to even the color out. It worked well, except I immediately got pregnant and haven't been able to pull them on in years.

Stephanie said...

Too cute! I love the idea, though I'm not sure I'd brave it myself. Do you take orders?! :)

Karla said...

Awesome job! I forgot about Rit dye... I used to use it quite a bit - will have to get back into that. And great sewing. The other thing I do to jeans sometimes is crop 'em for summer wear.