Sunday, December 7, 2008

SUper Sample Sunday

Okay, so it was not a super Sunday for me in the realm of samples.  More like a 'sad Sunday'.  I got nothin'.  My husband got a MotorTrend Magazine, does that count?

Maybe I need to be signing up for more samples.  Life has been really busy for me lately and that has not been one of my priorities.  Oh, well.

Did anyone else get anything good??

Here are some samples I will be signing up for tonight;

Free sample of K'NEX here.

Chiquita Bites Singles. (they didn't genetically modify again did they?)

Free G-String.  (any good uses for this?  maybe as a big rubber band?? ha. actually this one scares me...)

Free Flashlight or Poncho from the Wa State DOLI.

Free subscription to Self Magazine (to the first 1000 only...) Do the really easy quiz HERE.  Its worth a shot, we may be contacted by a birth control company, worst case scenario.

More Free Emergen C.  (I will never have to pay for this great stuff again!!)

A sample of GoodNights.  (from Walmart)

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The Keevy Family said...

Erin, here is my loot for the week, I had a pretty good week!