Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Home Made Diaper

Well, I finally did it.

I have been so afraid to try to make a diaper, I mean, if I do a poor job I will end up with a really big mess! I have been researching cloth diapers for a long time now and just came across a really easy pattern by DiaperSewing.com. It really is just instructions and I traced my own cloth diaper for the size and pattern. I used the Fitted Side Snap pattern and I think it turned out wonderfully.
I used some flannel I already had, an ugly receiving blanket in my scrap pile and a cut up cotton pre-fold diaper for the soaker. As I now have a serger I was able to whip this out pretty quickly, between caring for the little one and all. The pretty snaps I purchased at JoAnns during a sale, as well as the awesome investment of the snap gun, maybe $7 for it on sale?? I am soo getting my moneys worth, I use it all the time.
I made this to fit the free diaper cover I won a while back from Andrea (Mamma in Flip Flops2). Woo Hoo, I think I'll make some more!!

Total Cost $1-2ish.
Worth it!

(thank you grandma Laurie, this picture would be nothing w/o the REI socks and the Pottery Barn table & chairs. we are so spoiled!)


Anonymous said...

Thanks honey. I'm the lucky one :)
You are so talented...the diaper is awesome!
love you guys lots
oxoxox mom

p.s. hope you are enjoying your garbanzo bean 'tuna'!!

Timothy said...

We have been using the Bum Genius diapers for about 3 weeks so far with our newborn. I must say, it is much easier to deal with than those store bought, one time only use diapers. I recommend them to any expecting mothers and fathers.