Sunday, January 18, 2009


Ta Da!

I have not been to Albertsons in weeks.  What a tragedy!!  I even passed up the double coupon week, can you even believe that???  Well, I was the 24 nurse on call to our deathly ill cat, and that had more priority.  I guess its a good thing we are stocked to the hills on pantry items!!

Maybe I can go this week....

Cantaloup .48 lb, I think thats good?
Kellogs cereals 1.75
Old Orchard Juice 1.34 w/ in-ad coupon!! (remember we can use our own coupons with these)
Spend $20 on participating items, get $5 back... always has potential!

Check out the Grocery Gathering for your local grocers deals.

1 comment:

Jane said...

There may be something seriously wrong with me. This Albertsons ad posting stuff before it comes in my mailbox gives me a huge adrenaline rush. Seriously, I think I was born with the craving to save money!! :) As always, thanks for posting it!