Monday, January 19, 2009

silly little things...

I just found this fun little tool on another blog and wondered where my writing skills were at.  Scary.  I was happy to see I am at a Post-Grad level!  

Are they kidding??  Maybe Im not a dummy after all!!  :-)

Try it, its fun!!

(ps: the smiley face may have bought my level down just a little...)


Amy said...

heh; I received the same grade! woot! :)

Shopaholic in rehab said...

Wow, you are SO smart! Mine was just high school but I was happy with that; I was expecting junior high or something!

Thanks for the link to my post! Sorry, I can't return the favor; I don't know how to link yet.

Sandy said...

Don't know how...I got genius..LOL