Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday!

Per my New Years Resolution, I have started my Tackle It Tuesday postings.

Last tuesday I choose to start on one of the worst projects in our home; our daughters room. With a combination of her birthday and Christmas being very close together she got bombarded with gifts and toys abound! Wanting her to be able to play with EVERYTHING, we allowed her to keep all of her precious toys out. Then this happened.

On the couch here is everything I took out of her closet. Originally I had bagged up any clothes that didn't fit her and labeled it. Small stuff goes to storage and bigger stuff for later gets organized in her closet. Now that her clothing is bigger and takes up more room, AND now that she has lots of toys I had to think of a new plan....

It took me most of the week picking away at things, but it looks lovely in there now. Everything has a home and there aren't so many toys available to take out that she does not know what to do with herself or even what to play with.
If you can see, I labeled cardboard boxes and am keeping toys in there. I will 'cycle' through her toys; when she gets board with something, in the box it will go and out will come more!! (no, shes not spoiled at all!)

And for her clothing, the stuff for the future that I get really good deals on (ie; garage sales, thrift store sales, clearance, ect) I have back in plastic bags, labeled and stored under her crib. You cant even tell it is there with the crib skirt!!

We finally were able to order carpet for her room (for those of you that know us)! We decided not to carpet her closet, the cost of her closet alone was $300-$400. I am hoping there will be enough scraps after installation we can use those, or just purchase a remnant and do the closet ourselves later. We found a certified green carpet that is helf the price of what we were originally looking at!!! Its not as nice, but we were never going to be able to afford $1400 to carpet a small bedroom. Yippee, no more playing on sub-floor, we are so excited!! It should be in by the end of the month.

Next is a closet system for her and to finish the moulding in her room!

and for next week....

I have chosen 2 smaller projects for this week; the cork board above our kitchen desk, and 'S's changing table. The coark board has everything in the world pinned to it!! and her changing table has a few items I need to put away and decide what to do with still, ie; leftovers from last week. I'll post the pics next tuesday!

Does anyone else have any orginazition goals for this week? I would love some inspiration!

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Olivia said...

Wow, look at all those toys; did I contribution to that pile?! LOL. I'm excited for her to get "green" carpet, I'm sure the room will look great! Just a suggestion for the closet ... you should put in a laminate piece or something similar. Think of what the closet holds or will hold when my little one grows up ... shoes and shoes and more shoes!

Great job at being so organized! Can you come do my closet next?