Thursday, January 8, 2009

My $15 Value

I needed to order a few supplies to make some products, so I pulled up Brambleberry and started shopping. I discovered that they had a $15 grab bag of "surprise" items. The value was promised to be at least $30. I considered this risk and decided that I can make just about every product they sell, so I purchased one.

When I opened up the bag, yes, it was actually a papersack stapled shut!!, I found all of these wonderful items. If you are not a soaper or don't have much experience in the crafting world this may not look like a $30 value to you. I assure you it is. Much, much more actually.

My favorite item here is the 16oz bottle of Woodland Pear fragrance. The bottle has writing on it. It appears as if someone was unsure if the fragrance really was Woodland Pear. Well, whatever it is, its fantastic! If I were to purchase this at full price, which I would, I would pay $25 at least. And, thats a deal, it would be buying in bulk.

So, I got a little sunshine sent my way from the wonderful people at Brambleberry today. And, I needed it. Thank you!

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