Saturday, January 10, 2009

something I needed for free...

My only trip out this week was to run to Rite Aid for a glucose meter for my very sick kitty.  I was hoping to find a deal and with a little help from the pharmacist I did.  This one was on sale, had a coupon on it (she dug to the back looking for a box w/ coupon) and offers a rebate on the rest of my cost!!  Free!  I only paid $5 out of pocket at Rite Aid and will get that back.  

While I was there I grabbed the 10 Soy Joy bars for Free after Rebate.  Of course I brought my $3/10 coupon for a $3 profit.  They only had mango coconut left, so I got 10 of those.  Tried one on the way home, and, eh, not terrible.  I much prefer the flavor of 'energy' and 'power' bars though.

after tax; appx $2 profit

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