Saturday, January 10, 2009

out and about and ready to play!!

(again, I apologize for the poor picture quality, the late, dark evening seems to
produce poorer pictures. my new handy-dandy phone is just so simple to snap a pic,
email it to myself and post it no cords needed!!)

Okay, thats an exaggeration. But, he is doing much, much better.

Dave ate on his own today!! He made a 'number two' yesterday. And, here you see, he just ventured out into the living room!! It has been over a week (full 7 days) since he has done each of these. (except the #2, he did one of those last tuesday, sorry, TMI)

He has been such a sick baby. Just a mess really. He is down 9 pounds from 6 months ago. We never thought we would have to force feed him with an oral syringe just to keep him alive!

We are both so thankful he has made such a huge turn around. We will be able to sleep better tonight.


Amy said...

Aw the poor thing! One of my cats we sick last year; only we had the opposite problem- diarrea everywhere! eew! I think it was because of the antibiotics honestly. Anyway, its good to see a cat being so awesome cared for and I'm glad he is on the path to recovery!

Angela said...

Erin, so glad to see he is doing better! Here's hoping for a speedy recovery.