Monday, January 5, 2009

Eating Healthy in 2009

So many of us have resolutions to loose weight this year.  

Last year my resolution was to loose all of my baby weight and get back to a healthier size.  I was able to accomplish that, and I am so proud of all the hard work I did.  Working for so many years as a medical secretary was not good for my body.  Sitting all day on the computer really helped me 'beef up' my back side, along with a little help from cookies and unhealthy foods, that is!

Being raised in a very healthy family on a mostly vegetarian and whole foods diet I have been given the gift of knowledge-of-health.  I thank both of my parents for these teachings.  It was so easy for me to regain my trim figure as I know how to do it quite simply: 

1)  I know what to eat and I know what not to eat. 
2)  I also know that you don't burn calories sitting down!  Funny, I actually do most of my blogging standing up in the kitchen, I didn't even realize that till now!

I have been inspired by a very good friend to help encourage her to loose some of the weight that has crept up on her over the past few years.  This is encouraging to me as I want to firm up what is left of my mid-section surplus.  I think we can be inspiration to each other and maybe to you, too.
I will leave a link today to Dr McDougalls site.  Years ago when we lived in CT I tried his 'diet plan in a box' out with a friend.  His beliefs are equal to mine and I found enjoyment in purifying my body through his easy "Health Kits".    I totally recommend all of his stuff!

I will be back with more health tips!  I just love talking 'healthy'!

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